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profile photoNidal Abu-Zahra, PhDAssociate Professor/Department ChairMaterials Science and Engineering(414) 229-2668nidal@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E351
profile photoMadiha AhmedLecturerIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering(414)229-6597msahmed@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences EMS W383
profile photoRyoichi Amano, Ph.D.ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-2345amano@uwm.eduUniversity Services and Research 201L
profile photoBrian Armstrong, Ph. D.ProfessorElectrical Engineering & Computer Science(414) 229-6916bsra@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 995
profile photoIlya Avdeev, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-6949avdeev@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 975
profile photoJohn Boyland, Ph.D.ProfessorElectrical Engineering & Computer Science414-229-6986boyland@uwm.edu3200 North Cramer Street EMS 925
profile photoWoo Jin Chang, Ph. D.Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-6614wjchang@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1113
profile photoChristine Cheng, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorComputer Science414-229-5170ccheng@uwm.edu3200 North Cramer Street EMS 1011
profile photoBenjamin Church, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMaterials Science & Engineering(414) 229-2825church@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences EMS 1175
profile photoRoshan D'Souza Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-6952dsouza@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences W230A
profile photoMahsa DabaghAssistant ProfessorBiomedical Engineering Departmentdabaghme@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences
profile photoAnoop Dhingra Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-4089dhingra@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E315
profile photoAndrew Dressel, Ph.D.LecturerCivil & Environmental Engineeringadressel@uwm.eduEngineering & Mathematical Sciences EMS E261
profile photoChris GentheAdjunct InstructorMaterials Science and
profile photoAndrew Graettinger, PhDAssociate Dean for ResearchCollege of Engineering & Applied Science414-229-7389andrewjg@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E371D
profile photoGeorge Hanson, Ph.D.ProfessorElectrical Engineering(414) 229-3885george@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1245
profile photoSteven Hardcastle, Ph.D.Researcher/ManagerAdvanced Analysis Facility(414) 229-6692shard@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1262
profile photoSam Helwany, Ph.D.ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-4131helwany@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences W236A
profile photoYi Hu, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorDepartment Chair, Electrical Engineering(414) 229-6351huy@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1185
profile photoJaejin Jang, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorIndustrial And Manufacturing Engr(414) 229-2978jang@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E357
profile photoIftekharuddin KhanAdjunct Lecturer & Laboratory ManagerIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering(414) 229-4967khani@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E173
profile photoNikolai Kouklin, Ph.D.ProfessorElectrical Engineering(414) 229-4679nkouklin@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 588
profile photoChiu Law, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorElectrical Engineering(414) 229-6203lawc@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1039
profile photoJin Li, Ph.D.ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-6891li@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E321
profile photoQian Liao, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-4228liao@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E363
profile photoHugo Lopez Ph.D.ProfessorMaterials Science & Engineering(414) 229-6005hlopez@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1185
profile photoXiaoli Ma, PhDAssistant ProfessorMaterials Science and Engineering414-229-4767ma26@uwm.eduEMS 1261
profile photoPaul McNally, M.S.Senior LecturerComputer Science414-229-5361macatck@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E338
profile photoDevendra Misra, Ph.D.Chair, Biomedical Department-like-Body/ ProfessorBiomedical Engineering / Electrical Engineering(414) 229-3327misra@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E-314
profile photoAdel Nasiri, Ph.D.Professor/Richard and Joanne Grigg ProfessorshipElectrical Engineering(414) 229-4955nasiri@uwm.eduUSR 115 E. Reindl Way, Rm. 201P Milwaukee, WI 53212
profile photoJunjie Niu, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMaterials Science & Engineering414 229 2424niu@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1125
profile photoWilkistar Otieno, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Department ChairIndustrial And Manufacturing Engineering(414) 229-3134otieno@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1061
profile photoMatthew Petering, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering(414) 229-3448mattpete@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 367
profile photoBrett Peters Ph.D.DeanDean's Office - General(414) 229-4126petersba@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 520
profile photoKrishna Pillai Ph.D.ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-6535krishna@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 945
profile photoPriyatha Premnath, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBiomedical Engineering414-229-2634premnath@uwm.eduEng. & Mathematical Sciences EMS 913
profile photoXiao Qin, Ph.D.ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering414-229-7399qinx@uwm.eduNWQ 4414
profile photoAdeeb Rahman, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-2860adeeb@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 985
profile photoMohammad H. Rahman, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorBiomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering(414) 229-1165rahmanmh@uwm.eduEng. & Mathematical Sciences 1255
profile photoJohn Reisel, Ph.D.ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-4671reisel@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 961
profile photoKevin Renken Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering(414) 229-5755renken@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1007
profile photoJayson Rock, M.S.Senior LecturerComputer Science414-229-4994rock@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences w301
profile photoPradeep Rohatgi, Ph.D.UWM Distinguished ProfessorMaterials Science & Engineering(414) 229-4987prohatgi@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 574
profile photoHamid Seifoddini, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorIndustrial And Manufacturing Engineering(414) 229-4442seifoddi@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E306
profile photoKonstantin Sobolev, Ph.D.ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-3198sobolev@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 939
profile photoRobert Sorenson, M.S.Senior LecturerComputer Science414-229-2796rds@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E386F
profile photoNathaniel Stern PhDProfessorArt & Design / Mechanical Engineering(414) 477-9602sternn@uwm.eduLubar Entrepreneurship Center 204
profile photoYongjin Sung, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorBiomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering414-229-5861Ysung4@uwm.eduEngineering & Mathematical Sciences EMS 1085
profile photoHabib Tabatabai, Ph.D., P.E. S.E.ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-5166ht@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E332
profile photoHani Titi, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCEProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-6893hanititi@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1139
profile photoWeizhong Wang Ph.D.Associate ProfessorElectrical Engineering(414) 229-2247wwang@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1285
profile photoLingfeng Wang, Ph.D.ProfessorElectrical Engineering & Computer Sciencewang289@uwm.eduUSR 201J
profile photoYin Wang, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering414-229-3137wang292@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1075
profile photoMohamed Yahiaoui, Ph.D.LecturerMechanical Engineering414-229-7181yahiaoui@uwm.eduEngineering & Mathematical Sciences EMS E275
profile photoZeyun Yu Ph.D.ProfessorComputer Science, Biomedical Engineering(414) 229-2960yuz@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences E350
profile photoJun Zhang, Ph.D.ProfessorElectrical Engineering & Computer Science(414) 229-4246junzhang@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences 1207
profile photoJian Zhao, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering(414) 229-2330jzhao@uwm.eduEng & Math Sciences W330A