4 awarded Dean’s Doctoral Fellowships

Congratulations to the following four PhD students—who each recently received a Dean’s Doctoral Fellowship—and their advisors. Hiba Alsghaier Advisor: Tian Zhao, associate professor, computer science Sadegh Kazemiyan Advisor: Habib Tabatabai, professor, civil & environmental engineering Zheng Luo Advisor: Yin Wang,… Read More

Patents issued to Chang, Sung, Silva

  The UWM Research Foundation Awards in March recognized researchers campus-wide who were inventors for patents issued in 2020. Congratulations to: Woo Jin Chang, associate professor, mechanical engineering, who was awarded the patent Contamination Detection Device and Method. Chang collaborated… Read More

Spraying away the COVID-19 virus

Spraying away the COVID-19 virus Konstantin Sobolev, professor, civil & environmental engineering, was featured in UWM Research, the university’s flagship research magazine. The article discusses Sobolev’s vision and work to create a coating that would, for the first time, accomplish… Read More