Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

For enrolled university students who have disabilities and want to obtain academic support services and related information, please visit the ARC website.

ADA and Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Accessibility Advisory Committee (ADAAAC) at UWM acts as an advisory body to the Chancellor, Provost and the ADA Coordinator. The ADAAAC Committee also assists the university in continuing to develop a campus that is universally accessible while also overseeing ongoing compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and applicable state and federal laws. Find out more at the ADAAAC Committee’s website.

UWM Offices of Equity, Access, & Diversity

Information on university compliance with federal and state legislation and related university policies can be found on UWM’s Inclusion & Diversity page.

UW System Board of Regent’s Policy: Nondiscrimination on Basis of Disability

Regent Policy Document 14-10 (formerly 96-6) states that discrimination on the basis of a disability is prohibited, and the rights of individuals shall be respected under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and other applicable state and federal laws. Each UW System institution is required to implement policies, procedures and practices that are consistent with this policy and compliant with state and federal law. Read more about the Nondiscrimination on Basis of Disability Policy.

UWM Libraries

The UWM Libraries are committed to providing accessibility to library materials, programs and services. Read more at the libraries’ ADA services page.

UWM Parking and Transit

Information regarding parking permits and access to local accessible transit can be found at the Parking and Transit Office website.

Temporary Impairments

Information to assist those with temporary impairments is available in in PDF format.

Assistive Technology/Campus Computer Access

Information regarding access to assistive technology and campus computer labs.

Special Projects: Universal Design ACCESS-ed grant project

ACCESS-ed offers the entire higher education community quick and easy solutions to challenges they may face when creating an inclusive campus. Find out more at the Access-ed website.

Special Projects: Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technical Assistance and Personnel Development, PEPNet 2.0.

UWM is the national technical assistance center for the PEPNet project.

UW System President’s Advisory Committee

Representatives from various UW System Colleges and Universities provide advisory information and recommendations to the UW System President. Read more at the UW system website.