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We’ve curated a list of helpful resources to help you find the information and support you need!

Not sure where to start?

Request to meet with a Dean of Students Office case manager for help navigating different options or developing a plan. The case managers can be helpful if you don’t know where to start or if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office helps students resolve problems on campus and offers support in times of crisis. If you need someone to listen, help or lend a hand, the Dean of Students Office is your first stop.


If you experience an emergency that causes you to miss class, check out our absence notification process.

If you seek immediate assistance related to a mental health matter, call or text the help lines on the Crisis & After Hours Care page.

If you experience a health emergency that requires you to reduce your courses or withdraw from UWM, check out the medical withdrawal process.

Contact UWM Police at 414-229-9911 (or 911 from a Teams phone). Officers are crisis trained.

Financial Resources

If you are a UWM student and you are struggling financially, please take a look at the following resources and reach out. We may have options to help you.

The greater community has several financial programs and resources (e.g., technology assistance, energy assistance, health care, rent assistance, etc.).

The first and best place to start is Student Financial Services. We recommend telling a financial aid advisor about your circumstances and if anything has changed (e.g., medical emergency).

If you are short on money to buy food or if you need to stretch your dollars further, stop by the UWM Food Center and Pantry to pick up a bag of food.

If you are a student who has aged out of foster care or is homeless/unhoused, reach out to the Fostering Success Program for resources and support.

Apply for an emergency grant if you had an unexpected expense that jeopardizes your ability to complete your courses.

We recommend that you complete the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application. Do this every year as new scholarships become available all the time.

Health Resources

UWM has several resources to support your health and wellness while you’re a student at UWM. We also can help you find resources outside of UWM.

Additional health resources are in the community, including low cost/sliding scale providers, health insurance options, community health clinics, information on medical debt forgiveness programs, etc.

The Student Health and Wellness Center has put together a database that you can use to find Wisconsin-based mental health resources including therapists, psychiatry services, ADHD/psychological assessments, and more. Click on Community Resource Finder on the right sidebar to access this resource. You will need your UWM login to access this resource.

If you are unsure about visiting a counselor or therapist, but you’d like to talk to someone about a matter (e.g., stress, a breakup, self-doubt, etc.), sign up for a Let’s Talk session with a UWM counselor or therapist.

The UWM Student Health and Wellness Center offers medical and counseling services to all students who attend the main campus who pay segregated fees. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

The UWM Psychology Clinic offers low-cost psychotherapy and assessment services.

If you have concerns or questions regarding sexual or relationship violence or stalking please reach out to our victim advocate at or call 414-229-4582. The advocate can provide support and help you explore your options. 

YOU@UWM is your go-to hub for self-care tips, guidance, and campus resources to help keep your academics, well-being, and social connections on track. The online portal provides a space to check in with yourself, set goals, and explore UWM resources and services, 24/7.

Guidance & Consultation

UWM has several processes to address concerns, including conflict resolution support, grievances, appeals and submitting complaints. Here are links to several processes:

For concerns about an accommodation related to a disability, fill out the Accommodation Complaint & Concerns form or visit the Accessibility Resource Center.

This Dean of Students Office page lists resources about additional concerns (e.g., grade appeal, complaint about an employee, etc.)

Use this form to request assistance from the Dean of Students Office case managers or appeal coordinators. They can help you navigate different options.

For concerns related to hate, bias or discrimination, fill out a report or contact the Office of Equity and Diversity Services at 414-229-5923.

Visit this site to appeal parking fees or contact Transportation Services at 414-229-4000.

To inquire about housing contracts, termination fees and/or to submit an appeal contract termination fees, click on the “Appeals and Refunds” tab on the University Housing Appeals page or call University Housing at 414-229-4065.

Find information about free speech, students’ rights and responsibilities, and harassment and discrimination. Learn about ways to fight bias and report an incident to UWM.