Accessibility Resource Center

  • ARC staff standing in front of Mitchell hall with colorful flowers in front.

Welcome to the Accessibility Resource Center

The Accessibility Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is dedicated to providing equal access for students with disabilities to the University’s academic, social, cultural and recreational programs. We provide comprehensive services and accommodations for students with disabilities as well as outreach and support to faculty and staff. The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible University experience for all students.

Contact Us

  • Main Office
  • Phone: (414) 229-6287
  • VP: (414) 937-5875
  • Fax: (414) 229-2237
  • Email:
  • Street Address
  • Mitchell Hall, Room 112
  • 3203 N. Downer Ave
  • Milwaukee, WI 53211

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July 2019