FAQs on COVID-19 and Accessibility Concerns

Photo - Student in a wheelchair is passing by UWM signage surrounded by flowers.

ARC’s Mission

The Accessibility Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is dedicated to providing equal access for students with disabilities to the University’s academic, social, cultural and recreational programs. We provide comprehensive services and accommodations for students with disabilities as well as outreach and support to faculty and staff. The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible University experience for all students.

Getting Started

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The UWM Accessibility Resource Center serves students with a variety of disabilities. Learn more about ARC and how to apply.

Services and Accommodations

to women at table with paper and pen in between themLearn more about presentations ARC offers for UWM and the community, as well as information on how to request interpreting or captioning services for campus and departmental events.


The ARC Excellence Award recognizes instructional and other UWM staff members who demonstrate exemplary service to ARC students and staff. Presentation of ARC Excellence Awards are May 8, 2020.