ARC Office Questions

What are your office hours?

ARC at the Milwaukee campus is open M-F from 7:45 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

ARC at the Washington County and Waukesha campuses varies. Please contact ARC’s Main Office ( for the most current information.

Where is ARC located?

ARC at the Milwaukee campus is located in room 115 of Mitchell Hall. The street address is 3203 North Downer Avenue in Milwaukee.

ARC at the Washington County campus is located in room 280. The street address is 400 South University Drive in West Bend.

ARC at the Waukesha campus is located in room N101. The street address is 1500 North University Drive in Waukesha.

How can I contact ARC?


Fax: (414) 229-2237

Phone: (414) 229-6287

Faculty and Staff Questions

Where can I find information about the students using accommodations in my courses?

Instructors can view a list of students with accommodation requests in their courses through an online and secure accommodation management portal called PROFconnect.

How do I respond to the testing agreement?

If there is no exam, quiz, or final in your class, choose “My class has no exam,” and press CONFIRM to submit the response.

If an exam, quiz, or final is administered through Canvas, or if you can accommodate the student within your department, choose “I will administer my own exams,” and press CONFIRM to submit the response.

If you want ARC to administer an exam, quiz, or final, please complete the testing agreement. We require the testing agreement to ensure we are administering the tests in accordance with your guidelines.

How do I extend test time in Canvas for one or two students?
A student wants to make an audio recording of my lectures. Can I refuse this request?

If a student registered with ARC is approved for the accommodation of audio recordings, the student may use these recordings to support notetaking. Under the ADA, instructors may not forbid a student to record their lecture if this is an approved accommodation. Recordings of class lectures are for personal use only, may not be shared, and will be destroyed when no longer needed. ARC requires students to sign the Audio Recording E-Form, which educates the student about Intellectual Property Rights and confirms their understanding of and agreement to follow these guidelines and expectations.

How can I make course documents, presentations, online lecture, or other course materials accessible for students with disabilities?

The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) has created a set of guidelines that addresses this question. The PDF includes explanations and suggestions for Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more and includes an Accessibility Checklist. Links to instructions for following through with recommendations and suggestions can be found within the document as well.

I have a question about accommodating a student with a disability in my class. Who should I contact?

Please first discuss any concerns or questions regarding a students accommodations directly with the student. You may also contact the student’s Access Specialist should you have any additional questions or concerns. The name and contact information of the Access Specialist for each student is identified at the bottom of the Notification of Disability Accommodations letter you should have received.

How do I refer a student to the Accessibility Resource Center?

You can refer a student to ARC through Navigate or guide the student to apply for an academic accommodation.

Student Questions

How do I report a physical barrier?

Individuals may report campus physical accessibility issues at 414-229-4742 or For more information, visit the Campus Facilities website.

Who is my Access Specialist?

Students can find the name, phone number, and email of their Access Specialist in ARConnect, on their Overview page.

What are my options if denied or not provided an approved accommodation?

If an approved accommodation is denied or not provided, students should immediately notify their ARC Access Specialist or file an Accommodation Related Complaint with the ARC Director.

Are there pregnancy-related accommodations?

Although pregnancy itself is not a disability, pregnancy-related impairments may qualify as disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Examples include pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome, gestational diabetes, pregnancy-related sciatica, and preeclampsia.

Students who are pregnant are protected under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”) and can receive support through UWM’s Title IX Coordinator and Office of Equity/Diversity Services. Additional resources related to Pregnancy and Parenting Concerns at UWM: Pregnancy and Parenting Concerns – Title IX (

Are there transportation-related accommodations?

Information on Accessible Parking Permits and other accessible transportation options through the Milwaukee County Transit System, The Prowl Line, Be On the Safe Side (BOSS), and the Off-Campus Shuttle can be found through UWM’s Transportation Services site on Accessibility.

Is there an appeal process for an accommodation decision?

Yes, an appeal process exists to provide students a prompt and equitable resolution of complaints involving disability determinations or accommodation decisions. View the appeal procedure for accommodation decisions.