ARC is responsible for arranging communication access such as real-time captioning and sign language interpreting for students already receiving services and for the UWM campus community. The role of real-time captionists and sign language interpreters is to effectively, accurately, and impartially facilitate communication between the ARC student and other individuals in a classroom or between all individuals at a UWM sponsored event.

Campus Community requests for interpreters or captionists may be submitted by completing the Interpreting or Captioning Services: Campus Service Request Form.

ARC Students may submit a request for an interpreter or captionist for an event happening outside the classroom hours by logging into ARConnect,

Student Expectations


Due to the limited availability of service providers, students using real-time captioning and sign language interpreting services are given priority registration. Students who do not follow the deadline for schedules and/or submit schedule changes after the due date without prior notification are at risk for beginning classes without their accommodation. This is especially critical after the semester has begun as the pool of service providers dwindles. This also applies to adding an eight-week or six-week class to the existing schedule. All accommodation requests for classes should be made in ARConnect.

If schedules are turned in after the priority registration period, ARC cannot guarantee these accommodations for the beginning of the semester but will attempt to accommodate as close to the first day of class as possible. We also cannot guarantee the service provider will be consistent throughout the semester with last-minute changes (meaning multiple providers may be used).

Schedule Changes

If a student who is approved for Communication Access needs to make a schedule change (moving to a different section, adding a class, or dropping a class), they should contact their Access Specialist before making the change to ensure the availability of accommodations. Any changes students make to their schedule without prior notification to ARC may result in not having these accommodations available for classes. Students are also expected to change their accommodation requests in ARConnect upon approval from the Access Specialist.

Changes to Course Structure

If the class structure is different than what appears in PAWS/ARConnect, the student should immediately notify their Access Specialist of those changes. Additionally, if the instructor adjusts/changes the course during the semester, those changes need to be communicated to the Access Specialist as soon as possible.

Courses, Accommodations and Online Learning

Students should request communication access accommodations for online (synchronous and asynchronous), as well as face to face courses. Online course content, meetings and media may need to be made accessible. Students will need to work with instructors, service providers, and ARC to determine the appropriate accommodations for all aspects of the online course.

In scenarios where the class is face-to-face but recorded, and the student wishes to watch the recording, Kaltura captions are available and fairly accurate. However, requests to add professional captioning or interpretation will be honored as well. Please reach out to your Access Specialist or email to submit these requests.

Internship/Practicum/Service Learning/Student Teaching

Students are required to let their Access Specialist know of participation in any internships, field work, service learning, student teaching or practicums. ARC also considers internships and fieldwork placements in the same light as regularly scheduled courses at UWM. All the responsibilities and policies regarding use of accommodations remain in effect for all students who earn course credit in field placement and internship programs.

Accommodation Requests Outside of Regular Class Time

All academic related requests will be coordinated through the ARC office. If students need accommodations for any academic-related meeting outside of class such as an advising appointment or a meeting with an instructor, lecture, or class related activity, students must complete the campus request form in ARConnect.

All extra-curricular (unrelated to a class activity) requests should be made to the department or organization hosting the activity or event.

Instructor Information

Please add the service provider to your Canvas course site and view Media Captioning if you plan to show any media (movies, video clips (even very short clips).