Student Expectations

  • Provide information regarding required textbooks four (4) weeks prior to the start of the semester or as soon after registering as possible. 
  • Attempt to acquire accessible formats of textbooks through Accessible Texbook Finder and Bookshare before requesting alternate formats from ARC. 
  • Provide proof of purchase or rental when requesting an alternate format from ARC.
  • Immediately notify ARC if an alternate format is no longer needed.

Students with alternate formats accommodations acknowledge that:

  • They may, on rare occasions, be asked to provide their textbook for scanning.
  • All requests for alternate formats and proof of purchases or rentals must be submitted through ARConnect.
  • They will receive notification through ARConnect when a requested alternate format is available.
  • It is their responsibility to retrieve the alternate format through ARConnect.
  • Alternate formats provided by ARC are for educational purposes consistent with their courses and will only be utilized by them. 

Instructor Information

Please order and/or provide accessible course materials. When this is not possible, provide early information on course reading materials and syllabus information with a schedule of readings, so materials can be converted to an alternate format for students with print disabilities.

Wisconsin Act 124 requires instructional materials to be accessible for students with disabilities. For more information, please visit: