Students who are approved for Notetaking Services may request peer notetakers for their courses. While ARC strives to fill every request, there may be some classes where peer notetakers are not available. In this case, students may be asked to consider other notetaking options.

Student Expectations for Peer Notetaking

  • Carefully consider the need for a notetaker before making a request.
  • Ask your instructor to recommend someone as a notetaker or ask a classmate to be a notetaker.
  • Inform your Access Specialist immediately if you do not receive notes within 24-hours after class ends or if there are any concerns with the quality of the notes.

Students using a peer notetaking accommodation acknowledge that:

  • It is their responsibility to manage their notetaking services
  • They may use notetaking technologies such as apps and smartpens that are available for their use through ARC
  • Notetakers are generally students enrolled in the course who volunteer to share their notes
  • They may secure their own notetaker
  • They may request the instructor’s assistance to secure a notetaker
  • It is their responsibility to inform their Access Specialist if there are concerns about the delivery or quality of the notes
  • Having a notetaker does not take the place of attending class and that the notetaker may provide notes for occasional, unanticipated and disability related absences
  • Notes will not be provided for planned, chronic or non-disability related absences and that notetaking services may be suspended for excessive non-disability related absences 
  • ARC may suspend notetaking services if the notes are not accessed in ARConnect

Instructor Information

If neither ARC nor the student are able to find a suitable notetaker in the class, you may be asked to assist in the process. This could involve reaching out to individual students asking them to be a notetaker or providing your lecture notes. ARC can provide sample language for a class-wide announcement to help with the process.

Notetaker Responsibilities

A student who volunteers to be a notetaker will need to complete an online orientation through ARC and successfully complete a quiz. During the semester, notetakers should upload notes to ARConnect within 24 hours of the end of class. The student who needs the accommodation is responsible for alerting you or ARC if there are any issues with the quality or timely delivery of notes by the notetaker. It is also a good idea for you to check in periodically with the student to make sure they are receiving notes that benefit their learning.

Student Expectations for Notetaking Tools

Students using a notetaking tool that records audio acknowledge that:

  • Faculty members have intellectual property rights in their class lectures and the ideas presented in class. Unauthorized distribution of recorded materials violates university policies and may constitute copyright infringement and violate state and/or federal laws.
  • Recordings taken during class are for their personal use only, to support their course-related learning, and may be used when studying for the course.
  • Duplicating or copying the recording for any purpose other than personal use is not authorized.
  • Sharing the recording (or a copy) with any other individual is not authorized.
  • Distributing or publishing the recording, including on social media or other online sites is not authorized.
  • The above restrictions apply to comments/statements made by other students as well as the course instructor/professor.
  • Recorded material may be referenced in papers/essays and must be appropriately acknowledged and cited.
  • An instructor has the right to ask all students to cease taking notes at times when topics of discussion are considered sensitive in nature or when students are asked to share personal experiences.  At these times, recording of lecture/discussion should be stopped as well.
  • They understand that violation of this agreement may constitute academic or non-academic misconduct subject to disciplinary procedures.