By choosing to use Audio Recording as an accommodation, such as the Glean App, students sign this e-form, agreeing to the following terms and expectations:

  • Faculty members have intellectual property rights in their class lectures and the ideas presented in class. Unauthorized distribution of recorded materials violates university policies and may constitute copyright infringement and violate state and/or federal laws.
  • Recordings taken during class are for my personal use only, to support my course-related learning, and may be used when studying for the course.
  • Duplicating or copying the recording for any purpose other than personal use is not authorized.
  • Sharing the recording (or a copy) with any other individual is not authorized.
  • Distributing or publishing the recording, including on social media or other online sites is not authorized.
  • The above restrictions apply to comments/statements made by other students as well as the course instructor/professor.
  • Recorded material may be referenced in papers/essays and must be appropriately acknowledged and cited.
  • An instructor has the right to ask all students to cease taking notes at times when topics of discussion are considered sensitive in nature or when students are asked to share personal experiences.  At these times, recording of lecture/discussion should be stopped as well.

By electronically signing Audio Recording e-form in ARConnect, students agree to comply with the above terms and expectations, and acknowledge that violation of this agreement may constitute academic or non-academic misconduct subject to disciplinary procedures.