By choosing to use Notetaking as an accommodation, students sign this e-form, agreeing to the following terms and expectations:

  • Students are responsible for managing their notetaking services.
  • Students may use notetaking technologies such as apps and smartpens that are freely available for their use through ARC.
  • Students may secure their own notetaker.
  • Student’s may request the instructor’s assistance to secure a notetaker.
  • Student’s are responsible for informing their Access Specialist of any concerns about the delivery or quality of their notes.
  • Having a notetaker does not take the place of attending class and that the notetaker may provide notes for occasional, unanticipated and disability related absences.
  • Notes will not be provided for planned, chronic or non-disability related absences and that notetaking services may be suspended for excessive non-disability related absences.
  • ARC may suspend notetaking services if the notes are not accessed in ARConnect.

Students using peer notetaking services also acknowledge that:

  • Notetakers are generally students enrolled in the course who volunteer to share their notes.
  • Notetakers are required to complete the notetaker orientation and receive a passing score on the notetaker quiz.
  • Notetakers are expected to upload the notes to ARConnect at the end of each class period or within 24 hours of the completion of class.

By electronically signing the Notetaking e-form in ARConnect, students agree to comply with the above terms and expectations,