By choosing to use Alternate Formats as an accommodation, students sign this e-form, agreeing to the following terms and expectations:

  • Provide information regarding their required textbooks four (4) weeks prior to the start of the semester or as soon after registering as possible.
  • Attempt to acquire accessible formats of textbooks through Bookshare and Accessible Textbook Finder before requesting an alternate format from ARC.
  • Provide proof of purchase or rental when requesting an alternate format from ARC.
  • Immediately notify ARC if an alternate format is no longer needed.

Students choosing to use this accommodation acknowledge that:

  • They may, on rare occasions, be asked to provide their textbook for scanning.
  • All requests for alternate formats and proof of purchases or rentals must be submitted through ARConnect.
  • They will receive notification through ARConnect when a requested alternate format is available.
  • It is their responsibility to retrieve the alternate format through ARConnect.
  • Alternate formats provided by ARC are for educational purposes consistent with their courses and will only be utilized by them.

By electronically signing this Alternate Formats e-form in ARConnect, students agree to comply with the above terms and expectations, and acknowledge that violation of this agreement may constitute academic or non-academic misconduct subject to disciplinary procedures.