Service Requests

Please report urgent matters & building emergencies by phone:


7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

(414) 229-4742

(414) 229-2691

Nights & Weekends

3:30 p.m. – 7 a.m.

(414) 229-4652

(414) 229-9911

Non Emergency Building Requests

All work requests for general building issues (e.g. clogged toilet, broken lock, temperature issue) should be submitted through the iServiceDesk button, below.

Questions can be directed to the Work Order Center:
(414) 229-4742
(414) 229-2691

University Housing

University Housing residents can submit general work requests (e.g. loft builds, pest problems, clogged toilet, broken lock) through the University Housing request form.

Notice about building temperatures: In accordance with Governor Jim Doyle’s Executive Order 132 dated November 21, 2005, the Department of Administration issued guidelines related to temperature, humidity, hours of operation and other variables that affect energy usage. The main focus of the regulations is thermostat settings, which will be 68 degrees in the winter (60 degrees during unoccupied hours) and 76 degrees in the summer. The regulations also require that room lights and office equipment be turned off when not in use and prohibits the use of space heaters and fans.

Accessing webTMA to view Request/Work Order Status & Charges

To view facilities work requests and work orders, authorized requestors will need to login to webTMA 7 at  Please note that you have be setup as a requestor in webTMA to be able to login and view previous work requests.  If you are not sure if you are set up as a requestor, you can either try using the service request form and see if your name appears in the “Requestor Name” field, or email the facilities service desk.

Login ID’s for requestors are standardized and consist of the first letter of your first name, followed by your full last name and the letter “r” all lowercase, ex: John Smith -> jsmithr.  You will be given a password when your account is first created and this can be changed by the individual after first logging in.  Instructions are below in the “webTMA 7 Tutorials” section.

If you believe you have a requestor profile but need a password reset, please email Adam McLimans at

Please see the video below on “webTMA 7: Additional Requestor Functions” on how to utilize webTMA once logged in.

Permitted Requestor Form & Related Information

Staff needing to make key requests and/or view work order charges in webTMA need to be approved by their Divisional Finance Officer (DFO) as a permitted requestor.  The form linked below needs to be filled out by both parties and emailed to both and  Questions about the form and/or process can also be directed to these email addresses.

webTMA Permitted Requester Form

DFO List

Submit Service Request

Requests for work should be submitted through the webTMA request portal. The request portal is designed to provide a user-friendly mechanism to report facility issues and interact with the Facility Services Department.

Login Information

Key Requests can be completed by authenticating with your webTMA login.

  • Service Requests and Chargeable Work Order Requests DO NOT require a login.
  • Please note that your ePantherID and password are NOT the login credentials for webTMA. If you have a webTMA login and have forgotten your password, please contact the Work Order Center.
  • In order to have an webTMA login set up, your DFO must approve your access. Please have your UBR fill out the DFO Permitted Requestors form and email it to:
Work Order Center
Adam McLimans


webTMA 7 Tutorials