Office Moves

If you are a staff member or department that is planning to move offices, this page will outline the proper steps to facilitate a stress free and successful relocation.

A minimum notice of two weeks is preferred when requesting an office relocation.

  1. Please submit an office move request here.
  2. If you need a surplus pickup to dispose of unwanted furniture or electronics, please submit one here.
Items to Consider
  1. Information Services will need to relocate computers, transfer voice and data connections. This request will need to be submitted through the UWM Help Desk.
  2. Notify Mail Services of the change of location at
  3. Moving boxes will be provided by Facility Services.  Please determine how many you will need.
  4. What types of items need to be disposed?  (IT equipment, furniture, recycling, paper, hazardous waste, etc…)

Personnel within departments/operations being moved are responsible for packing their office and personal material into boxes, prior to the scheduled move date.

  1. Moving boxes will be provided by Facility Services
  2. The contents of all shelves and furniture (including contents of file cabinets) must be packed in boxes.
  3. Please label as such:
    • Name of individual
    • Name of building individual is moving into
    • Room number items are to be moved to
    • If it is for surplus, write ‘Surplus’