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Student Success


THIS IS WHY: We support student success because today’s UWM students, including the 2016-17 freshmen pictured to the left, will shape the world of tomorrow. Because cost should not prohibit potential. Our students are looking for a better life, and they’re willing to work for it. Four out of five of them hold down jobs while earning a degree, yet still graduate with debt. Scholarships are game-changing – they bring the possibility of a dream to reality.

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Research Excellence


THIS IS WHY: We support research excellence because it is our future. The discoveries made at UWM save children’s lives and elevate the quality of life for our elderly. They give us cleaner water, more efficient energy and longer-lasting roads, touching people of all walks of life. UWM is one of the top 115 research universities in the nation – the impact of our innovation and creativity is beyond measure.

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Community Engagement


THIS IS WHY: We support community engagement because we are responsible for making Milwaukee and the world a better place. We are charged with producing the pipeline of talent that will move our nation forward. Our focus on innovation is fundamental: More than 180,000 UWM alumni are improving the lives of others by keeping us safe, strengthening our economy and sharing knowledge with the next generation. They make us Panther Proud.

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