Grounds Services

The Facility Services Grounds Department is responsible for many different aspects of our campus’ landscape maintenance and general appearance year round. Utilizing full-time Gardeners and Student Workers, the grounds crew strives to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere that makes a lasting impression on visitors to the campus, as well as the entire UWM population.

Lawn mowing, planting, tree trimming, watering, managing outdoor garbage containers, and policing the campus for litter are the daily responsibilities of the Grounds crew.

Green Lawn Care

In 2014, the Grounds department initiated a new “green lawn care” program:

  • The process begins with aerating all 23 acres of lawn space
  • Then the crew applies (organic) Milorganite and organic compost
  • This procedure eliminates the use of all lawn chemicals
  • The introduction of this program has been a very positive change with the UWM population – and all of our neighbors!

Snow and Ice Removal

During the winter months, the Grounds department is responsible for all snow and ice removal in parking zones and inter-building walkways.

  • Coming to work at the height of a snow storm (often in the middle of the night) is a regular occurrence for our Grounds crew.
  • The expectation of all snow being removed before 7:00am is the major priority for our Grounds staff during those cold winter months.

Moving Services

Moving services are also offered through our Grounds department.

  • Moves from office to office, as well as furniture moves as part of Facilities projects are all conducted by our Grounds crew and student workers.
  • To request moving services, please fill out a “chargeable work order request” through iServiceDesk.
  • For estimates on moving services, you may contact Dawn Aguilera or Steve Wilke.


Surplus orders for pick up, or delivery are also performed by Grounds.

  • To have surplus items picked up, fill out the “Surplus Declaration Form”.
  • There is now a $40 charge to have surplus items picked up.
  • To have furniture moved from the Surplus department to your department incurs regular moving charges. This service can be requested through iServiceDesk.

Campus Events

Grounds is instrumental in setting up and breaking down campus events.

  • Grounds supplies extra garbage and recycling containers to the location of your event.
  • Tables and chairs are available for delivery and set up.
  • Any other supplies that need to be delivered or moved for your event can also be handled by our Grounds crew.
  • To request assistance for your next event, please submit a request through iServiceDesk and we will contact you to make sure we have all of the details.