Surplus Declaration

If your office or department has unwanted items, simply submit the surplus declaration form below.  Items are generally picked up in 1-5 days.  Items to declare include, but are not limited to: desks, bookshelves, file cabinets, computers, equipment, and office supplies. It is always helpful to physically mark the items as “surplus”.

Please note on the Surplus Declaration Form anything that might be hazardous waste. See the Recycling and Waste Disposal Services guide and the Surplus Property with Hazardous Components guide to know how to handle such materials. University Safety & Assurances is responsible for handling hazardous waste.  US & A is also notified when you submit your form.

In order to keep the surplus program viable, there is a $40 handling charge to departments for each surplus submission.

Important: Review Recycling and Waste Disposal Services & Surplus Property with Hazardous Components before declaring surplus.

Items should not fill hallways. The surplus program is designed to reduce campus clutter and find a way to re-purpose or recycle items.

All electronic waste, including computers, printers, copiers, computer mice, and keyboards are also handled through the surplus program and are re-purposed through a contract with Universal Recycling Technologies. URT provides certification that all items are wiped clean.

Surplus Declaration Form