Project Design & Construction

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The Facility Services Architecture and Engineering team offers full design and construction services for classroom modernization, office spaces, and some research and teaching labs. Working in close conjunction with our full service trades people, Facility Services can manage your project from conception to occupancy.

Design & Construction Projects

Through our work order request system, iServiceDesk, it is easier than ever to initiate and manage remodeling and construction projects.

  • To request construction work, or request design assistance with a larger project, submit a work request through iServiceDesk.
  • In the ‘Request’ field, include as much detail as you can regarding the desires for your project. Include your billing string, as our system does not allow entry without it.
  • Fill out the UWM Project Intake Form.
  • Our work order center forwards the request, and the intake form to our Architects and engineers to assess the needs for the project.
  • Questions regarding this process, or our services, should be directed to
Office & Departmental Remodeling

Office remodeling can include paint, carpeting, wall or door additions or demolition (any wall removal or addition requires Campus Planning approval).

  • After your UWM Project Intake Form is complete, our architects/designers meet with you to discuss your needs and develop a scope of work.
  • Costs are estimated to determine a realistic design plan for your budget.
  • Facility Services coordinates all of the construction work, whether it is done by our internal shops, or outside contractors.
  • As the customer, you won’t have to spend your time scheduling outside work, and eliminate the need for a separate project through the purchasing process.

Low office partitions (office panel systems) are drawn by our architects to fulfill the needs of your office personnel and functions.

  • Our designers measure your space and assess the location of vents, outlets, and data jacks to avoid a messy situation after install.
  • A drawing is made and samples are supplied for your approval.
  • We work with our Carpenter Shop, or an outside vendor if necessary, to schedule and oversee the installation.
  • Our custodial staff makes sure that the space is satisfactory to move back in.
  • Our movers can be scheduled to bring all of your furniture and personal items to your shiny new office space (we don’t disconnect computers, or move copiers – but we can help connect you with the right people to do so!)
Research & Teaching Labs

Facility Services Architects and Engineers can work together to modify or build some types of research and teaching labs.

  • Due to the delicate nature of specialized equipment, and safety requirements for installation, lab designs require a longer lead time than a regular construction project.
  • Equipment specs need to be supplied to our architects so that they can assess the feasibility of the project, based on the size of the room, existing features (exhaust, air lines, reverse osmosis water) that would be necessary for the use of your equipment.
  • To initiate a lab design or modification project, fill out the UWM Project Intake Form, and the Lab Design or Renovation Plan (required by University Safety & Assurances).
  • Through TMA, a Project Request needs to be entered in order for the design process to begin. Due to the delicate nature of research lab installations, no work or consultation can be done before this process is complete.
  • Any questions regarding this process should be sent to, and your inquiry will be forwarded to the proper person in Facility Services.