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Counseling Services provides a wide range of mental health services for UWM students. Click on each tile below to learn more about our services.

To schedule a counseling appointment with a SHAW provider, please call us at 414-229-7429, Option 2. To make a teletherapy appointment with Mantra Health, visit their website and enter your UWM email address.

How do I set up services at Counseling Services?

For all counseling, psychiatry and case management appointments with SHAW providers, please contact us by phone, 414-229-7429 (option 2), to schedule an initial phone screening. Upon scheduling your appointment, please fill out the required history forms prior to your appointment by utilizing the client portal.

To make a teletherapy appointment with Mantra Health, visit their website and enter your UWM email address.

If you’re unsure about counseling but want to speak with a licensed therapist, learn more about our Lets Talk Consultations.

Am I eligible for Counseling Services?

Our services are available to UWM students currently enrolled in classes for credit and who have paid the student segregated fee.

Visit our eligibility page for more information.

What happens after my initial phone screening?

Accessing our counseling and psychiatry services starts with a triage appointment, which is a 15-20 minute phone screening. During the screening we gather information that helps us make a recommendation for your best next steps.

Next steps may include: a counseling intake (individual, group, or couples therapy), a medication evaluation, or a referral for care in the community through our Counseling Services case manager.

Are there any services I cannot get at Counseling Services?
  • Counseling Services does not provide any mandated services or those that may require either court testimony and/or letters or reports to be filed with any legal entities. We do not provide services where litigation is either involved or pending.
  • We do not provide evaluation-only services or comprehensive psychological testing services, including testing for ADHD or learning disabilities. Neuropsychological testing can be pursued on campus through the UWM Psychology Clinic.
  • We are not able to provide documentation for emotional support animals.
Do you find it hard to navigate the world of referrals and insurance? We can help!
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Learn more about our individual and relationship counseling services
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Learn more about our crisis response service.
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Mantra Health is online Teletherapy for UWM students using their EPantherID.
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Informal and confidential conversations with a Counseling Services mental health provider.
More about Let’s Talk and how to schedule
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Crisis and distress support is available for students outside of normal operating hours at SHAW.
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Reach out to Counseling Services to request or explore options for outreach for your classroom or event.
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Learn more about our medication evaluation and management services.
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Learn about our multidisciplinary training program to prepare you for a career as a mental health practitioner.
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Sign up to use our mindfulness space which includes a massage chair, virtual reality equipment, happy lamps, and more. Pause. Breathe. Relax.
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Access self-care resources that provide condensed and relevant information on common mental health topics and services.
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