a photo of the mindful space at UWM

Located at the Student Health and Wellness Center, The Mindful Space is a tranquil place for UWM students to take a break, catch their breath, quiet their minds, relax, and develop mindful self-awareness through the use of relaxation equipment.

Equipment Available in the Mindful Space

Massage Chair

This is a zero-gravity, full-body massage chair to relax your mind and muscles. Massage has been shown to help with a variety of physical conditions related to stress. It can reduce tension, relieve headaches, improve mood, help increase sleep, and enhance performance.  Please be aware that massage can sometimes trigger a trauma response. Those with a history of physical or sexual trauma are encouraged to use the chair at their own discretion and comfort.

Virtual Reality Goggles

Escape the hustle and bustle of college life and take a virtual walk on the beach or a virtual mountain hike. Experience a virtual meditation practice.


Learn to transform your stress into focused calm! Use the Emwave technology to cultivate self-regulation through breathing. You will get real-time feedback based on your own heart rhythm that will bring about a shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience.

Happy Lamps

Light therapy has been shown to enhance mood, energy, sleep and focus without harmful UV rays. Come use our lamps and beat those winter blues.

Meditation Pillows

Need a quiet space to practice meditation, come use our meditation pillows to cultivate a new mindfulness practice today.


Are you not able to get to The Mindful Space but still want to learn and practice relaxation and mindfulness skills?  Start your journey toward mindfulness now with the resources listed below.

Guided Mediations

Guided meditation is a practice where a trained instructor or audio recording provides verbal guidance and instructions to help individuals relax, focus their minds, and achieve specific goals during their meditation session.

Grounding Exercises

A grounding exercise is a technique used to reconnect with the present moment and one’s physical surroundings, often involving sensory awareness to reduce anxiety or distress.

Mindfulness Apps

Applications and websites devoted to helping you achieve mindfulness.

  • Happify
    • You complete simple tasks that aim to focus your attention and coping.  Gratitude skills, and brain training that helps you relieve stress.
  • Omvana
    • Contains largest collection of meditation sessions currently available.  Choose from a selection of famous authors and renowned teachers that provide guided sessions.
  • Brain FM
    • Designed to use sound to build focus and increase productivity.  Uses 30-minute clips of brainwave sounds to help you improve work, sleep, and mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness App
    • This app is designed to take a moment and reset during your busy day. It features daily mindfulness inspiration to your phone and includes exercise, teachings and tips.
  • Calm
    • A subscription based platform aimed at helping you reduce your stress.  Immerse yourself in scenes of natural beauty with relaxing music and nature sounds.
  • mindful
    • Want to live mindfully, this app features a bi-monthly magazine with videos, and mindfulness practices with personal stories and news to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life.
  • Headspace
    • Designed to be your own personal trainer to help you destress. It features animations on how the mind works and tips on mediation practices.  It allows you to track your activity and provides 10-minute meditation sessions.