Welcome to the Office of Central Advising (OCA)! 

The OCA is your home if you are

  1. An undecided first-year student.

OCA will:

    • support you with specialized advising so that you begin your college career confident that you are heading in the right direction
    • Work with you to match your interests and skills to one of UWM’s six metamajors, which are academic pathways designed to help you explore while staying on track to a timely graduation
    • Help you pursue a major that you’ll love
  1. A decided student who needs extra support to declare your major.

OCA will

    • help you strengthen your academic abilities through targeted coursework
    • inform you about possible majors and prepare you for your intended major
    • connect you with advisors in your interest area
    • facilitate your transfer to your program area when you are ready
  1. A student seeking culturally sensitive, holistic advising.

OCA will

    • Connect you with a Multicultural Student Success Coordinator in one of our three multicultural offices or partner office Roberto Hernandez Center
      • African American Student Services
      • American Indian Student Services
      • Southeast Asian American Student Services

All of the units in OCA work together to help you be the best UWM student you can be!

The OCA will provide you with an Academic Advisor and Multicultural Student Success Coordinator (Coach) who will guide you, work closely with you, and advocate for you from the start of your UWM career.  Your OCA Advisor and MSSC Coach will help connect you to all the necessary tools and resources you will need to be strong and confident as a student, and prepared for success.

    • academic tutoring
    • supplemental instruction
    • multicultural enrichment
    • a peer mentor