Freshwater sciences students, we’re here for you. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you navigate your college career so you can thrive in your freshwater career.

Our student resources pages provide links to services and support available to undergraduate and graduate students. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, reach out to our academic support staff so they can answer your questions.

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Undergraduate Student Resources

Our undergraduate academic advisor is the go-to person for current and prospective students, helping you plan your academic path and answering questions you have about navigating UWM.

Check out these additional resources:

Ian Nebendahl
Brigid Meyers

Graduate Student Resources

Graduate students spend most of their time at the Great Lakes Research Institute, where they build close relationships with faculty and staff.

Academic Support Staff

Kristina Schell
Undergraduate Advisor
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Aaron Thiel
Career Services / Graduate Advising & Enrollment
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Mallory Kaul
Academic Planner/Academic Affairs Manager
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Campus Resources

UWM offers a wide range of on-campus resources, such as academic support and mental health resources. Students also find community within our student centers.

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