Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Welcome to SSC!

SSC is here to provide UW-Milwaukee undergraduate students with a variety of academic support services to empower them to learn, achieve, and succeed in college. Our services include Supplemental Instruction, Small Group Tutoring, Walk-In Tutoring, Residence Hall Tutoring, and Online Tutoring.

***Sign up for Fall 2021 starts Thursday, September 2nd.  All sessions start Tuesday, September 7th.

Who can receive services?

Any current UW-Milwaukee student can utilize our services available on campus, online, and in residence halls (Sandburg and Cambridge).

*Please note that you must be enrolled in for credit and attending a class for which you wish to receive tutoring help*

When should you go to tutoring, SI and/or review sessions?

  • If you are taking a course you know does not come easy to you
  • When you want to improve your grade in a course you find difficult
  • If you do not want to fall behind
  • When you want additional help reviewing for a test
  • If suggested to do so by an instructor

What will tutors and SI leaders expect of you?

  • Bring textbook(s)
  • Bring notes
  • Come with questions already prepared
  • Participation during sessions

What can students expect?

  • Knowledgeable tutors and SI leaders
  • Assistance understanding and developing the skills needed to complete assignments

 *Please note that homework assignments will not be worked on; however, similar problems to those reflected on homework assignments will be discussed and worked through*

Looking to join an exam review?

Feel free to check the ‘Events Calendar’ located in the upper-right hand corner to see when exam review sessions will be held for your course(s).  These review sessions are open to all students and depending on the course, may have a separate review for each section.

Connect with SSC for Academic Success

Whether you want to earn an A, or you find your course challenging, SSC is here for you!