Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Welcome to SSC!

SSC is here to provide UW-Milwaukee undergraduate students with a variety of academic support services to empower them to learn, achieve, and succeed in college. Our services include Supplemental Instruction, Small Group Tutoring, Walk-In Tutoring, Residence Hall Tutoring, and Online Tutoring.

***All Spring 2021 tutoring and SI sessions will take place online. All regular SI sessions end May 13th. Please see our final exam scedule for final exam review courses and times.

Who can receive services?

Any current UW-Milwaukee student can utilize our services available on campus, online, and in residence halls (Sandburg and Cambridge).

*Please note that you must be enrolled in for credit and attending a class for which you wish to receive tutoring help*

When should you go to tutoring, SI and/or review sessions?

  • If you are taking a course you know does not come easy to you
  • When you want to improve your grade in a course you find difficult
  • If you do not want to fall behind
  • When you want additional help reviewing for a test
  • If suggested to do so by an instructor

What will tutors and SI leaders expect of you?

  • Bring textbook(s)
  • Bring notes
  • Come with questions already prepared
  • Participation during sessions

What can students expect?

  • Knowledgeable tutors and SI leaders
  • Assistance understanding and developing the skills needed to complete assignments

 *Please note that homework assignments will not be worked on; however, similar problems to those reflected on homework assignments will be discussed and worked through*

Looking to join an exam review?

Feel free to check the ‘Events Calendar’ located in the upper-right hand corner to see when exam review sessions will be held for your course(s).  These review sessions are open to all students and depending on the course, may have a separate review for each section.

Connect with SSC for Academic Success

Whether you want to earn an A, or you find your course challenging, SSC is here for you!