Summer 2023 Tutoring

Summer 2023 Tutoring Announcements

Math drop-in tutoring is offered via Zoom on the SSC Tutoring/SI Summer 2023 Canvas page in collaboration with the Math Department. Any other Summer 2023 Tutoring is offered online through NetTutor.

SSC offers free tutoring to UWM undergraduate students through NetTutor. This service is available 24/7 and will pair you with a professional tutor that strives to help students succeed in a wide range of courses. Information on how to use NetTutor is linked below.



Math Tutoring starts on Tuesday, May 30th and ends on Wednesday, August 16th!

Math Drop-In Tutors can support students enrolled in the following courses: Math 92/102, 94, 98, 105, 115, 208, 211, 231, 232, and 233. Math Stats 215 is only available on certain days throughout the week.

Online Math Drop-In Tutoring is available via Zoom on our SSC Tutoring & SI Summer 2023 Canvas page at specific dates and times. To access the correct Zoom tutoring room, follow these quick directions.

Online Math Drop-In Tutoring Schedule