Peer Mentoring

Last Day of Peer Mentoring is Friday, May 3rd!

Peer mentors are there for support during your transition to life at UWM. They’ve gone through special training with the goal of helping you — whether it’s assistance in developing academic and personal skills, figuring out how to access useful campus resources or just being there to listen while you work through a problem. As a first-year student, you’ve already been assigned a peer mentor, so don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment through Navigate.

The Peer Mentoring program, ran through the Student Success Center in Bolton 120, is a chance for students to assist students. Peer Mentors serve as upperclassmen students who can help first-year students academically and socially succeed at UWM. Students who participate in the Peer Mentoring program are linked with higher rates of success during their college years.

The Peer Mentoring program is for first-time UWM students, whether it is your first semester of higher education or you have transferred from a different university.

Peer Mentors complete several facets of outreaches to engage with their students. At the beginning of the semester, you will receive a personalized Welcome to UWM email from your mentor. This will include instructions on how to schedule an appointment to meet up.

Peer Mentors will then continue to reach out to their students via email, phone call, or text message throughout your first year of study.

Peer Mentors at UWM can help with your transition into college and in Milwaukee.

Using the support systems offered to you as a student can improve your experience and your ability to succeed academically and socially at UWM. The Student Success Center offers many resources to help you in this transition, including the peer mentoring program.

To schedule an appointment with your Peer Mentor, please visit Navigate360. Login with your UWM Credentials. Select ‘Schedule an Appointment” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

If you experience any issues, please contact your Peer Mentor via email or text, or stop by the Student Success Center and a staff member can further assist you.

Prepare for your meeting with potential questions you may have about UWM, courses, and campus life in general. Peer Mentors expect students to be engaged, preparing to understand more about UWM and how they can succeed in their time at university.  

Every first-year student at UWM is assigned a Peer Mentor. The Peer Mentor staff is required to meet with each of their students at least once a semester, but students can choose to meet with their Peer Mentor as often as they’d like.

You should see your Peer Mentor each semester of your first year at UWM. They are a resource provided for first-year students to foster academic and social success in higher education.

Advocacy, empathy, respect, and investment in your academic and personal success.

Peer Mentors are trained to see solutions and opportunities in providing resources and helping you pinpoint academic and social goals in your first year as a student to streamline success.

Peer Mentors are assigned to students based on your academic field of study.

If you are an intended Nursing student, you will most likely be paired with a mentor in the Nursing program.

Undecided majors are given to Peer Mentors who can help assist in exploring academic fields of study that you may be interested in.

If you are paired with a Peer Mentor who is not in your program of study, this can happen due to the representation of programs at UWM, we will pair you as similar to your academic field as possible.