Researcher measuring in lab
  • What Happens to the Buoys in Winter?
    The School of Freshwater Sciences launches and maintains a number of buoys in Lake Michigan, which provide information for research and recreation from late spring through fall. What happens to the buoys during the winter? According to Jessie Grow, freshwater sciences research specialist and marine technician and UW-Milwaukee alumna, winter duties depend on what catastrophic … Read more
  • PhD Student Researches How Nanoparticles in Batteries Affect Aquatic Environments
    How will nanoparticles found in lithium batteries and electric vehicles affect the environment and aquatic species? Eric Ostovich, a PhD student in the Klaper Lab at the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, is looking at potential environmental consequences that could take place if these particles aren't disposed of properly.
  • 2023 Summer Field Research in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
    Want to explore one of the most unique aquatic ecosystems in the world? Join the School of Freshwater Sciences' International Research Experience for Students. The program provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to enroll in a field research experience in the Southern Yucatán Peninsula at the Laguna Bacalar International Research Station on the … Read more
  • Microplastics pass through fish, but do they cause harm?
    By Laura Otto, UWM Report When Dong-Fang Deng and her students make feed for the fish they raise at UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences, they often use ground fishmeal – dried fish parts from fisheries or wild catch – as the protein source. It’s possible to find microplastics in commercial fish food, she said, because … Read more
  • As part of his internship with WaTA, Dominic Marr created a sensor to detect E. coli in water samples.
    Master’s Student Uses Fiberoptics and Ingenuity to Identify E. coli
    One of the things Dominic Marr enjoyed about his internship with the Water Technology Accelerator Laboratory (WaTA) is that it required ingenuity. “It was nice to come up with ideas and see how they went,” says the May graduate of the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences Professional Science Master’s program. “It was wonderful to have … Read more
  • Graduate student Emma Gilbertson spent her summer internship monitoring Habitat Hotels for fish in the harbor.
    Harbor District Internship Blends Science and Community Outreach
    Kayaking the Milwaukee River, researching aquatic plants and educating community members about the Habitat Hotels for fish in Milwaukee Harbor were just a few of the many activities Emma Gilbertson did during her internship with Harbor District Milwaukee. “My favorite part was kayaking on the Milwaukee River for my research, leading public kayak tours and … Read more
  • Freshwater Practicum Leads to Practical Recommendations for WDNR 
    Science is anything but a solitary endeavor. Addressing complex environmental issues requires an interdisciplinary approach, as students who took the spring “Freshwater Practicum” at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee learned.   The course simulated what it is like to work for a water consulting firm and brought together graduate students specializing in water science, atmospheric and climate … Read more
  • UWM Students Dive Into Freshwater Research in One of World’s Most Unique Lakes
    Laguna Bacalar, Mexico’s second largest natural lake, is one of the most unique freshwater lakes on Earth. Part of an important ecological corridor, ranging from tropical forest to the Caribbean Sea, it is also threatened by economic development. Last spring, six students from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and one from the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater found … Read more
  • Josh Swigart, SFS PhD student
    Spectrum News Features PhD Candidate’s Work on Recycling Oilfield-produced Water
    Joshua Swigart, a former environmental consultant for the oil industry, is now a PhD candidate at the School of Freshwater Sciences. Working with Laodong Guo and Marcia Silva, he is furthering his research into developing equipment that would decontaminate water produced from oilfield wells and allow the extraction of lithium, which is used in batteries … Read more
  • Amy Ressel, UWM undergraduate, is researching diatoms
    Military Vet Sets Sights on Water Science Career
    “I’ve always been the bug girl,” says Amy Ressel. As a kid, Ressel wanted microscopes and bug boxes for Christmas. After high school, she served in the Air Force and then worked as a maintenance mechanic at Mitchell International Airport. Amy Ressel, UWM undergraduate, is researching diatoms at the School of Freshwater Sciences. Now a … Read more
  • Adam Mahsem by the library fountian
    Student in First Undergraduate Cohort Sets Sights on Landing a Good Job
    When Adam Mahsem enrolled in the School of Freshwater Sciences new bachelor’s degree program in fall 2021, he was focused on getting involved and learning skills that would land him a good job. Mahsem had been in the workforce — primarily the service industry — since graduating from high school in 2007. When his first … Read more
  • Neeskay captain Max Morgan on the deck of the boat
    SFS Alum Takes Over as Interim Neeskay Captain
    Last October, Max Morgan landed his dream job: interim captain of the Neeskay, the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences’ research vessel. Here’s what the SFS alum has to say about how he’s combined his passions for boating and science into the job he’s always wanted. What was your path to working at the School of … Read more