We are the nation’s only graduate school dedicated solely to the study of freshwater: the ideal place to explore water in all of its complexities.

From the shores of Lake Michigan, we study the largest freshwater system on Earth, as well as urban rivers, storm- and wastewater infrastructure, groundwater and inland lakes, aquaculture and fisheries, robotic systems, human and environmental health, and interdisciplinary solutions to freshwater conflicts.

We’re equipping future scientists, researchers, and policymakers with the interdisciplinary skills and expertise needed to address the critical challenges facing our freshwater resources, and protect and preserve one of our most vital natural resources.

SFS graduates work in environmental consulting, environmental advocacy, academia, water resource management, and natural resource management. They are project managers in water industry, sustainability managers, and researchers for government agencies and private industry. Area employers engage in networking events, mentoring, and provide internships.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Tours and Visits

Register to attend an Info Session or email freshwater@uwm.edu to sign up. Take a tour and talk with staff, faculty, and students. Located directly on Milwaukee’s Inner Harbor giving us access to the waters of Lake Michigan, the School is 6 miles south of the main campus at 600 E. Greenfield Avenue in Milwaukee. Take Milwaukee’s Green Line bus route or join students and faculty who bike here almost every day!