FIsh aquaculture

Creating jobs and revolutionizing food systems. Those are the goals propelling the cutting-edge research happening with Great Lakes Aquaculture — and our researchers are making great strides.

Thanks to the research and technology developed here, Wisconsin is on the forefront of sustainable private intensive aquaculture production, which is expected to significantly increase this annual $1 billion industry in the United States. These advancements have never been more needed, as the world’s fish supply has suffered the effects of overfishing, invasive species and pollution.

Freshwater Food, Grown Locally

Great Lakes Aquaculture research specializes in intensive urban aquaculture, an innovative process that allows freshwater fish to be grown in repurposed urban buildings.

Our researchers developed state-of-the-art techniques that use green technology and water reuse to fuel the continued advancement of science and technology supporting commercial aquaculture development. Not only does this provide another valuable source of clean, locally grown, sustainable food, it also has the potential to spur economic development and bring much-needed jobs to central-city populations in Milwaukee and beyond.

With the rapidly growing interest in integrated recirculating technology (aquaponics), the urban aquaculture toolbox will become the cornerstone for the development of urban aquaponics that will play a significant role in the economic, societal, and political elements of this new and expanding food revolution. Food from freshwater, using integrated recirculating technology, will be the primary methodology for the production of high quality food for human consumption.

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