The Freshwater Future Is Here

Come aboard and join us as we shape a new freshwater future regionally and globally right here in Milwaukee.

Take a closer look at our new, state-of-the-art facility, research vessels, ROVs and drones. Learn how our genomics research is leading to advancements in the detection and tracking of pathogens and other improvements in ecosystem health. Discover how outstanding science leads to good water policy. Dive in and see how we earned a reputation for fresh water.

Our new undergraduate degree program is now accepting students for Fall 2021! Earn a Bachelor of Science in Freshwater Sciences to set yourself up for success in a broad range of fields, including water policy and aquatic sciences. Learn more here.


Great Lakes
Genomics Center

Borrowing cutting-edge tools from the medical industry, we’re mapping the genomes of entire freshwater ecosystems.

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Great Lakes

With innovative fish-farming technologies, we’re at the forefront of a new, viable aquaculture industry in urban areas.

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Center for
Water Policy

We’re facilitating socially equitable and economically sound policies that protect, conserve and restore freshwater resources.

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Fresh water sciences student scuba dives in Lake Michigan

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