If you are looking to transfer from your current university, you’ll find a welcoming community at UWM. Here’s what you need to know to successfully transfer into one of our programs

Course Study Before Transferring

We recommend that students interested in Atmospheric Science or Freshwater Sciences try to complete as many prerequisite courses in math, physics, and chemistry as possible before transferring to UWM. Freshwater Sciences students should also try to complete biology prerequisite courses. Note that your current institution might have slightly different course numbers or descriptions for the prerequisite courses from those offered here at UWM. This is okay! If you are transferring within the UW System, you can use the UW System Credit Transfer Wizards to see how courses will transfer to UWM. If you are transferring from another institution, you can use UWM’s Transfer Equivalency Database to see how courses will transfer to UWM. 

When to Transfer to UWM

We recommend that students seeking to major in Atmospheric Sciences must transfer to UWM no later than the start of the spring semester of their sophomore year to graduate in four years. Our major’s first core courses, Atm Sci 240 (Introduction to Meteorology) is offered only in the spring and must be completed before entering our two-year core major course series.

Ready to Get Involved?

From the moment you move into the dorms in late August, you’re at home here at UWM! The best way to set yourself up for lasting success is to get involved, and we’ve got several ways in which you can do so once you’ve arrived on campus. Get involved in a student organization or participate in faculty-led undergraduate research.


If you’re in the Milwaukee area, whether for New Student Orientation or otherwise, we invite you to visit the School of Freshwater Sciences building in Milwaukee’s Harbor District. Informational sessions with a tour take place on Tuesdays. Sign up for an informational session.