You are assigned an academic advisor upon admission to UWM. New Student Orientation helps those who are new to campus to learn and understand the enrollment process and enroll in classes for their first semester at UWM!

If you are a Graduate Student, please check your program page and connect with the Graduate Program Director if you have any question.

UWM School of Biomedical Sciences & Health Care Administration Student Affairs Staff

MacKenzie Kougl
  • Academic Advisor, Office of Student Affairs
  • BS Health Care Administration
  • Undecided
  • Health Care Administration Minor
  • Health Care Informatics Certificate
Portrait of Bill Mueller
  • Senior Advisor, Office of Student Affairs
  • BS Biomedical Sciences (all Laboratory and Medical Imaging submajors)
  • BS Biomedical Sciences, Degree Completion Programs
  • BS Biomedical Sciences, Health Science
  • Nutritional Sciences Minor
  • Forensic Science Certificate
  • Blood Banking Certificate
  • Molecular Diagnostics Certificate
  • Study of Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches Certificate

When should I meet with my advisor?

You are encouraged to meet with your advisor at least once per semester to ensure timely progress to graduation.

  • Enrolling for spring semester?
    Schedule an appointment with your advisor in October or November.
  • Enrolling for fall semester?
    Schedule an appointment with your advisor in March or April.

You are also welcome to schedule an appointment with your advisor at any time to discuss academic challenges, career opportunities or any other questions.

How can my advisor help me?

The College of Health Sciences boasts professional academic advisors who understand the challenges of balancing academics, work, family and the social aspects of college life. Advisors partner with you to:

  • Explore your academic and career interests
  • Plan the sequence of your courses
  • Prepare for course enrollment
  • Access tutoring and other academic support
  • Identify opportunities for campus involvement
  • Connect you to campus resources
  • Plan for graduation

Academic Advising FAQs

Do I need to schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor?

Yes. To schedule an appointment, call 414-229-5047 or visit Cunningham Hall, Room 135. Appointments will not be scheduled via email. Advisors may hold walk-in advising periodically throughout the semester. Call the phone number above to learn about upcoming walk-in advising hours.

Where can I find more information about minors and/or certificates?

BMSHCA offers several minors and certificate programs. In addition, the University provides a list of all undergraduate degrees, minors, and certificates. Should you find a certificate or minor you are interested in pursuing in addition to your BMSHCA major, schedule an appointment to discuss it with your advisor by calling 414-229-5047.

I am struggling in one or all of my classes and I fear I may be in danger of failing. The drop deadline has passed. What can I do?

Remember that simply doing poorly in a class is not justification for dropping the class past the deadline. Research the Student Success Center to learn about the variety of tutoring programs they have available for students. Contact your advisor to discuss strategies for improving your grade as much as possible before the end of the semester. If you have extenuating circumstances that have impacted your academic performance, you can appeal the deadline for dropping a course(s).

How can I calculate my grade point average (GPA)?

Utilize this GPA calculator to determine your term or cumulative GPA.

I am a parent and I have questions for my child’s academic advisor. Where do I start?

According to federal law (Family Educational Rights& Privacy Act, or FERPA), college students are considered responsible adults and are allowed to determine who will receive information about them. While parents understandably have an interest in a student’s academic progress, they are not automatically granted access to a student’s records without written consent of the student. Parents are encouraged to consult with the student if academic information is needed. Your child may give permission for a third party to access his/her records. Academic advisors are restricted from providing information regarding a student to the child’s parent without the necessary consent form in the student’s file.

How do I apply for graduation?

Use UWM’s Graduation website to review campus-wide graduation requirements, graduation application deadlines, applying for graduation, and ordering your cap and gown. Information regarding commencement can be found at the Secretary of the University website.

Office of Student Affairs

Cunningham Hall
Room 135

Mailing Address
UWM College of Nursing Student Services
CUN 135
PO BOX 413
Milwaukee WI 53201

Physical Address
1921 E. Hartford Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211