Academic Reset is an opportunity for students who are struggling in some or all classes to get additional help and get back on track for graduation. It begins when you are placed on Academic Probation and ends when your cumulative GPA reaches 2.000.

We know there are many reasons why students might not be achieving their full academic potential, and we want to help. UWM offers a range of support in Academic Reset to help you get back in good academic standing.

Academic Probation 

UWM students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.000 are placed on Academic Probation, or warning status. Once on probation, a student can be dropped from the university for one semester if their next semester GPA is below 2.000.

UWM is committed to helping all students succeed. For that reason, students in warning status are offered additional help to get them back on track. This help is called Academic Reset.

The first step of the reset is completing a self-assessment survey. Look in your UWM email to find a message from the Office of the Provost with a link to the survey.

Students are removed from Academic Probation when their cumulative GPA reaches 2.000 or above. (For more information on warning status and academic drop actions, refer to the University-Wide Academic Action Policy in UWM’s Catalog.) 

Academic Reset 

Students in warning status have multiple options for their Academic Reset. Your academic advisor can help you decide which option is right for you, as can success coaches and peer mentors. Your academic advisor will talk to you and consider the results of your self-assessment survey before making their recommendations. A link to the self-assessment survey is included in an email from the Office of the Provost; please check your UWM email.

Option 1: Enroll in Foundations of Academic Success (Ed Psych 101)

Ed Psy 101 is a 1-credit, non-graded course that helps students identify the skills and resources they need to overcome academic or personal challenges. It also helps students achieve their reset goals. The course meets for all or part of the semester and focuses on the individual needs of each student in a small group setting. You may enroll in the class up to six times during your UWM career.
If you are enrolled in 12 to 17 credits during a semester in which you are on Academic Probation, adding the 1 credit Ed Psych 101 class will not increase your tuition or fees. 

Option 2: Choose one or more of the following

Enrollment Holds 

UWM places an enrollment hold on students in warning status to make sure they sign up for appropriate classes and make progress toward their academic goals. An enrollment hold prevents you from adding a class in the current or future semesters. It does not prevent you from dropping a class.

To remove the hold and sign up for classes, connect with your academic advisor. You can find your advisor listed in PAWS or Navigate or explore this list of UWM’s advising offices

Connect With Your Advisor

The fastest way to find and connect with your academic advisor is through Navigate.

Get Access to PAWS

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