A Message of Solidarity against Racism

Recent tragedies in the USA have once again highlighted the racial prejudice and inequity that exists in our society.  The UWM Center for International Education wishes to express our continued commitment to education and understanding to combat racism and our solidarity with those working toward social justice.

Chancellor Mone’s recent campus community messages have stated the value UWM places on diversity, equity, and inclusivity.  CIE affirms and celebrates these guiding principles. Our staff passionately believes that international education has the ability to bring people together and foster greater understanding among people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are stronger because of the diverse perspectives represented on campus, in our classrooms and workspaces.

Now is the time for us to act and model the type of society we wish to have. We must exercise our right to vote, educate ourselves on our own biases, and support engagement in social justice. We make a promise to do our part to break down racial barriers and we invite you to do so as well.