A globally engaged university, UWM collaborates with academic and research institutions around the world.

Much of this collaboration takes place between individual faculty members or research units and does not require establishment of formal inter-institutional agreements. When formal agreements are appropriate, UWM’s Center for International Education (CIE) supports their development and administration.

Formal agreements are intended to make meaningful contributions to each partner institution’s international goals. Achieving the potential of most agreements relies heavily on the active participation of UWM’s faculty and their academic units, as well as their counterparts at the partner institution. Consequently, at UWM, inter-institutional agreements are usually initiated by individual faculty members who serve as sponsors for the agreements and, subsequently, work with CIE to move them forward.

Through this process, UWM has established agreements with academic and research institutions in more than 40 countries. These agreements facilitate a range of activities, including collaborative research, teaching and practice; student and faculty mobility; and international student enrollment.