Global Studies 391: Black Lives Matter: A Comparative Global Study is a team taught, internationally focused comparative course on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement in the United States and abroad. In this course we will study the history of BLM and how it has developed and been practiced in multiple locales.

The semester-long course will be staffed by five faculty members, each faculty will teach a 3-week module in a world area in which they have expertise. The course will include content on the arts of resistance and resilience across the Black Diaspora, South Africa’s experience with racism and reconciliation efforts, African migration to Spain, Black Brazilian history and activism, the social construction of race, and various forms of racism as they have developed in Europe, South Africa and North and South America among other topics.

The topics covered include: 

  • Social Justice on the Margins of the African Diaspora: Blackness in Spain
  • The Economics of Globalization and Social Movements
  • The Cinema, Media, Art & Music of Resistance & Resilience Across the Black Diaspora
  • Black History and Black Mobilization in Brazil
  • The Making of Race and White Supremacy

3 credits, fulfills the L&S International credit 

See your advisor about applying these credits to your degree program.