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Can I change my application to a different semester?

You can defer your application for up to one year. Submit the Defer Your Admission request.

Are application fees refundable?

There is no application fee for undergraduate applications. Application fees for graduate programs are not refundable.

Do I need to mail my transcripts to UWM?

You can upload a copy of your transcript directly into your application.  If you are admitted, it will be on the condition that you provide the original upon arrival to UWM.  There is no need to mail anything to UWM during the application process.

To provide your final transcripts upon arrival, bring the original to the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office.  We will take a scan of your documents, so you can keep the original. 

If you drop documents off, or if your institution chooses to mail them directly to UWM, they will become the property of UWM and will not be returned. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you submit officially-certified copies of documents that are irreplaceable. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged documents.

Do I need a transcript evaluation from WES or ECE?

You are not required to provide an evaluation from a third-party evaluation service.  You may submit one as an official English translation of your transcripts, if it accompanies the native language transcript.

How should my transcripts be translated?

UWM International Admissions Office accepts only official English translations. There are a few ways you can obtain an official translation:  

  • Ask your school or institution if it can issue your original documents in English; or  
  • Use the services of a professional translator 

UWM does not accept transcripts translated by the student.  

What’s the address of the International Admissions Office?

There is no need to mail anything during the application process. After admission, if your institution will mail a transcript to UWM, use the information below.

Regular Mail Address:
International Admissions Office, Garland Hall #138
UW-Milwaukee Center for International Education
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

Street Address (for courier services that will not deliver to a P.O. Box):
CIE – Garland Hall 138
115 E. Reindl Way
Room 110
Milwaukee, WI 53212

How can I check the status of my application?

Applications submitted through the graduate application Panthera, or the UWM International Student Application should look for updates in your application.  Applications through the Common Application should check their email for instructions on how to check their PAWS account.

How long will it take to receive an admission decision?

For undergraduate applicants, from the time your application is complete, you should receive an admission decision within 2-4 weeks. Applications are evaluated by our international admissions team in the order they are completed and received by our staff. You will be notified of our admission decision by email.

For graduate applicants, it depends on the timeline of review for your program, and you should plan on at least 4 weeks.

Can I apply to start in the summer term?

UWM does not admit new international students for the summer term.  The only exception is graduate-level programs that require a summer start.

Will I be notified of my admission?

The International Admissions office will notify you of your admission by email from The notification email will include an electronic copy of your admission letter and instructions on how to request an I-20. 

Are there UWM scholarships for international students?

All new undergraduate international student applicants are considered for the UWM International Student Incentive, a competitive, merit-based scholarship. Learn more on this page.

You should also look for additional scholarship opportunities in the UWM Scholarship Portal.

Funding for graduate students comes directly from the programs, so you should inquire with the program you are applying to for opportunities. 

Do I need to report all previous study?

You must include information about all previous study on your application, even if you did not complete it. Failure to provide all information can lead to admission revocation.

Will I get transfer credit for the courses I have completed?

Undergraduate students may get transfer credits for university level courses that were not used to award a previous degree.  UWM will review your courses and grant credit for any course that has a reasonable equivalent at UWM.  For full consideration, it is recommended that you submit course descriptions which detail what you learned in your courses.  Transfer credit is not awarded for continuing education course work, or for courses that are remedial, vocational, technical or doctrinal nature.

Graduate students must get permission from their program to transfer in courses, and meet all Graduate School policy requirements.

How do I apply for a graduate program?

Graduate applicants should refer to the Graduate School website, video, and the Panthera application for detailed instructions.