UWM student visits Google HQ for North America Connect

International student Pranay Mandadapu proves that hard work pays off. As the lead of UWM’s new Google Developer Student Club (GDSC), Pranay was invited by Google to attend its North America Connect event from November 4-5 at Google headquarters. We… Read more

Recognizing UWM International Advocates

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the Center for International Education held its first International Advocate Award Ceremony, recognizing 36 outstanding UWM faculty and staff members who have made a difference in the lives of UWM international students and students who have pursued… Read more

Welcoming a record-breaking group of new international students

UWM has welcomed its largest incoming group of international students in UWM history. As of September 6, 2022, 496 new international students were enrolled:  30% of new graduate students are international  28% of new master’s students are international  50% of… Read more

International Student Numbers on the Rise

UWM international student enrollment increased 10.9% between spring 2021 and spring 2022. 16% of UWM graduate students and 2.1% of UWM undergraduate students are international, and international students make up 5% of the university’s overall population. Please enjoy some videos… Read more

Welcome to All New International Students for Fall 2021!

UWM just welcomed nearly 300 new international students for fall 2021, which is higher than the number we welcomed in fall 2019, pre-COVID. They have faced significant challenges to get here in the middle of a pandemic, and their arrival… Read more

UWM Welcomes 86 New International Students

Imagine what it takes to relocate to another country to study: All the paperwork, packing, saying goodbyes, anxiety, excitement, travel, jet lag, finding a place to live, new food, new friends, new experiences, culture shock, etc. Now imagine doing all… Read more

UW-Milwaukee Student Starts Day 7,700 Miles Away

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee allows students participating in online classes to do so asynchronously, which means students can study at the times that work best for their respective schedules. By the time Ram Ravipati wakes up for classes at the… Read more

A StoryMap Summer: Educators Create Global Curriculum at UWM

Four local educators spent their summer break in virtual residence at the UWM American Geographical Society Library (AGSL).  National Resource Center-funded fellowships supported these teachers, who used the Library’s vast collections of maps and other primary sources to develop globally-focused curriculum for use in K-12… Read more

Meet Priyal Shah, UWM’s Regional Manager for South Asia

Priyal Shah is UWM’s Regional Manager, covering a territory of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. More than 250 students from Priyal’s region were enrolled at UWM during the Fall 2019 semester. Priyal has been in her role since September… Read more