Absence Notifications

If a student misses classes for any reason, they should notify all instructors via email as soon as possible.

The Dean of Students Office staff can email a student’s instructors on the student’s behalf if the student is hospitalized or unable to contact their instructor(s) due to an emergency.

Students are required to email their instructors as soon as they are able to. Students may be required to submit documentation to their instructor if they’re requesting an excused absence or an extension on an assignment. Students may request to submit documents to the Dean of Students Office if the documents have sensitive information for which they’d like to keep private. Students should read their syllabus for each class for specific rules and procedures regarding absences. Make-up procedures are offered at the discretion of instructor.

Incomplete Grades

The Incomplete Grade policy is for students who experience a medical emergency during the end of the semester and are unable to complete their coursework. Students who meet the criteria outlined in this policy can receive additional time to complete their coursework and receive a grade. The student’s transcript will show an “I” for the course for the following semester or until they complete the required coursework and receive a letter grade (whichever is sooner). If the student does not complete their required coursework by the end of the following semester, their grade will automatically be changed to an “F.” Thus, it is imperative that students communicate often with their instructors if they are given the option to take an “Incomplete.”

Medical Withdrawal

Students who experience a medical emergency that is so severe that it prevents them from attending courses can request a medical withdrawal.