Student Conduct

Student Conduct Philosophy

Learning and personal development are integral to the educational mission of UWM.  The student conduct process is one of many tools that UWM uses to foster personal development and maintain the safety of the University community.  We do this by engaging students in challenging conversations about decision-making, responsibility, and integrity in our student conduct process.  We uphold students’ rights through a fair and impartial process. 

All members of UWM are responsible for their conduct and assume reasonable responsibility for reporting inappropriate behavior of others. When students violate rules, campus conduct processes are used to help hold students accountable.  The UW Board of Regents has designated certain kinds of conduct to be reviewed and disciplined by UWM.  The code of conduct applies to both on-campus and off-campus behavior. 

Student Conduct Policies

There are two (2) types of Student Conduct, Academic and NonAcademic Misconduct.  For more information on each type please click in the below links.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Throughout their involvement in the disciplinary process, students have the following rights and responsibilities. These rights apply to all students accused of misconduct, as well as to individuals designated as victims by the Dean of Students Office under this Code.

  • The Right to fair treatment.
  • The Right to privacy.
  • The Right to be notified of options.
  • The Right to an advisor.
  • The Right to written notice.
  • The Right to hear and provide testimony.
  • The Right to appeal.
  • The Responsibility to respect and be sensitive to others.
  • The Responsibility to comply with published University policies.
  • The Responsibility to abide by Federal, State and University regulations and laws.
  • The Responsibility of assuming the consequences of one’s actions.

Reporting Student Conduct

Do you want to report a violation or concern? Go to Report It.