Instructor Academic Misconduct Process

As an instructor, if you suspect academic misconduct has occurred, please contact the Dean of Students Office (414.229.4632 or and the Investigating Officer assigned to the program area in which the student has a declared major, to gather more information and to consult on next steps. 

We ask that you reach out to the Dean of Students Office at the start of any suspected misconduct cases as we will view the student’s misconduct history and support you with offering the conference and preparing the decision letter for the student. For Graduate students suspected of academic misconduct, please review the Graduate school process here. 

Quick links

  • To find out who your Investigating Officer (IO) is, please click here. Please note each case of academic misconduct is overseen by the major in which the student has declared, not the course in which the academic misconduct has occurred.
    • For example, an English instructor who suspects an Engineering student of engaging in academic misconduct should confer with the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences IO
  • For a sample student conference email request template please click here.
  • For a template of the UWS Chapter 14 Decision Letter please click here.
  • To review UWS Chapter 14 policies please click here.
  • To review the academic misconduct flow chart please click here.

Overview of Instructor Academic Misconduct Procedures 

All cases of suspected academic misconduct follow the Chapter UWS 14 process outlined in this flowchart 

  1. If you suspect that the student has engaged in academic misconduct, reach out to the appropriate Investigating Officer(IO) and the DOS to discuss the allegations and review any prior academic misconduct.
  2. Offer the student a conference to discuss the allegations. Students do not have to attend the conference; however, a conference must be offered to the student.
  3. If after the conference, you believe the evidence showcases that misconduct has occurred you can then decide on an appropriate sanction (IOs and DOS office can support with sanction choice)  
    1. If you decide on a Group A sanction, please notify the Dean of Students Office for their records.
    2. If you decide on a Group B sanctions (as outlined in the flowchart), you will need to send a formal letter to the student. For a template letter, please click here.
      1. Prior to sending out this letter, please send it to the Dean of Students Office for review.
      2. After review, you will send the student their official letter and the Dean of Students Office will communicate with you if an appeal has been requested or if the deadline for appeal has passed and the recommend sanction can be implemented.
    3. If you decide on a Group C Sanction (probation, suspension or expulsion) the Investigating Officer (IO) will need to be included in the decision process. If after discussions with the student the IO agrees with your recommendation, they will send the official letter to the student.  Unless the student waives their rights to a hearing, a hearing is scheduled before the Academic Misconduct Hearing Committee corresponding to the student’s status (undergraduate or graduate).

Records of all disciplinary actions are maintained by the Dean of Students Office. 

Frequently asked questions

I am a TA and I suspect academic misconduct what do I do?

  • If a T.A. suspects misconduct, the instructor of the course must lead all discussions about the alleged misconduct, recommend any sanction (when necessary) and prepare all reports.

UWS Chapter 14 only requires me to snail mail (USPS) the decision letter, should I email it as well?

  • Yes, we highly encourage all decision letters to be emailed to the student, and copied to the appropriate individuals to ensure that the student has received it and has adequate time to respond to a hearing request.

What information does the Dean of Student Office need for academic misconduct?

  • As noted, we encourage you to contact our office prior to a student conference to see if there are previous cases of academic misconduct as well as after the conference as the decision letter is being drafted to ensure that all of the due process requirements are noted within the letter prior to it being sent to the student.
  • For the student’s file the Dean of Students Office requires a copy of the decision letter as well as an evidence that is available. These items can be emailed to the Dean of Students Office or dropped off in person in Student Union 345.

How do I know if a student has requested a hearing for academic misconduct?

  • The Administrative Case Manger within the Dean of Students Office will contact you if a student requests a hearing and/or after the deadline to request hearing has passed so that the appropriate sanction can be enforced.

A student has requested a hearing for academic misconduct and I am the instructor, what do I do next?

  • The Administrative Case Manager within the Dean of Students Office will contact you to request available times for a hearing.  The Case Manager will be your point of contact during the hearing process and can answer any questions that you may have along the way.