Inclusive Environment Initiative

Inclusive Environment Team

The Inclusive Environment Team is comprised of 6 members: Becky Freer, Chair (Dean of Students Office), Kelly Ball (Student Learning, Assessment, and Planning), Olivia Clifton (Inclusive Excellence Center and student), Adrienne Birkholz (University Housing), Michael Rogers (Centers for Advocacy and Engagement), Samantha De Forest-Davis (Center for Community-based Learning, Leadership, and Research), MacKenzie Ringle (Norris Health Center), and Lilith Lenz, a student and representative of the Student Association.  The team is humbled and excited to guide the Division of Student Affairs in a reflective and action-oriented initiative where we examine our services and operations to identify areas where we can make changes to better serve students.

Implementation Timeline

The implementation of the Inclusive Environment Initiative is staggered with 26 units split into 5 cohorts.  Each cohort has been designated a semester between Fall 2020 and Summer 2023 to begin the process. The IEI Team is working closely with unit heads to determine the best term for their unit to launch. Staff can review the IEI Implementation Schedule to see when their unit is scheduled to participate in the process and to consult with colleagues who have already engaged in the process.


The team is committed to providing a structured and smooth process so units can focus their attention on engaging in deep work to make our campus more inclusive. Here is a brief overview of the process. The team will:

  • Meet with unit heads to schedule workshops and identify participants.
  • Lead two 1.5 hour workshops with units to:
    • Introduce the process and share key concepts.
    • Lead units through the inventory.
    • Assist units in identifying initiatives to focus on. Each unit is asked to identify and implement at least 4 initiatives, one of which must be larger in scope.
  • Guide units through the implementation process by:
    • Identifying action steps and timelines to implement initiatives. Units will write an Implementation Plan for each of their 4 initiatives.
    • Assisting units in identifying promising practices, models, partners, and key stakeholders.
    • Serving as consultants for units as they implement their plans.
    • Guide units to evaluate the success of their initiatives.
  • Provide guidance and support to units throughout the process and maintain records of all initiatives.

Unit-level Inclusive Environment Inventory

Units will use the Unit-level Inclusive Environment Inventory to help them identify ares on which to focus. Though the Inclusive Environment Team will will guide each unit through a structured process, the team does not want to delay good work from happening. Units can review and use the Inclusive Environment Inventory anytime.