Strategic Themes

The UWM Dean of Students engages in an on-going strategic thinking process. Strategic themes guide priorities within the Dean of Students Office. Each semester, action items are reviewed for alignment. Biannually, the strategic themes are reviewed and updated.

2020-2022 Strategic Themes

  1. Student Engagement. Increase connections with UWM students and the UWM community to better understand student needs and concerns, better advocate for their success, and help UWM be a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds and identities.
  2. Student Focused Processes and Systems. Work to ensure that students can successfully navigate UWM, especially when they are in need.
  3. Dean of Students Office Culture. Create positive, diverse, and inclusive department culture that is focused on healthy communication, team development, and individual growth.
  4. Assessment. Focus on systematic and strategic data analysis and assessment to support continuous improvement, engage in effective equity-minded practices, and share student stories.