What is a Dean?

All students have two (2) deans, an academic dean (e.g. Dean of the College of Letters and Science) and the Dean of Students.

  1. Academic Deans. Academic Deans assist students with academic matters within their School or College. This includes grievances related to courses, grade appeals, and requests for exceptions to their program of study. The Academic Deans oversee the “Dean’s List” of students who’ve earned recognition related to a high grade point average.  To see your Dean, go to
  2. Dean of Students. The Dean of Students Office assists students with matters beyond academics. The Dean of Students oversees the student disciplinary process and tuition and fee appeals. The Dean of Students also helps students manage personal crises, emergencies, and unusual situations by discussing options and connecting students to resources. The Dean of Students Office also helps students who have a grievance or complaint helping the student identify options and processes to have their complaint addressed.

Some of the services the Dean of Students provides include:

Advocacy – Guides students through appeals, policies, and other processes. Advocacy

Complaints and Grievances – Connects students to the appropriate resources and procedures to address their concerns. Complaints and Grievances

Financial Insecurity – The DASH Emergency Grant has concluded. If you have a financial emergency, you can contact the Dean of Students Office to assist you with brainstorming possible funding options.

Tuition and Fee Issues – Helps students explore resources when they have extenuating circumstances. Tuition and Fee Appeals