Report It

Emergency Situations: Call 911

In the event of an emergency or if you feel your personal safety is threatened, don’t use this form. Call 911 (or 414-229-9911 to reach UWM Police).

Report It

Report It is a comprehensive reporting system to facilitate information sharing about a range of matters concerning student well-being, concerning behaviors, misconduct, and activities that may pose a risk to the health or safety to students or the UWM community.

Students, faculty, staff, family, and community members may submit reports. Students can also submit reports to seek assistance for themselves, navigate a university matter, or submit a complaint. Access the appropriate reporting form using the links below. You may also contact the Dean of Students Office (DOS) at 229-4632 or

Please do not worry about choosing the wrong form, your report will be given to the correct office/person regardless which one you fill out. Each form has different questions to help us gather relevant information.

Reporting Forms

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form (Title IX)

Sexual Misconduct Report Form

Sexual misconduct includes sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and/or stalking. For more information, resources, and support, please visit the Title IX at UWM website.

State laws require all UWM employees to report any sexual assaults they are made aware of, regardless of the location. Federal laws include additional reporting obligations; for more information please go to the Title IX at UWM website.  Please know that you and any other person identified in the report, might be contacted to provide further information.

Note: Information gathered from the Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form will not result in a police investigation. If you want to report a crime to law enforcement, please call UWMPD at 414-229-4627 or stop by the police station at 2025 E. Newport Ave., Suite 1457, Milwaukee, WI.

Student Support Request/Referral

Student Support Request/Referral Form

Complete this form to connect a student to a DOS Case Manager or the UWM Student Support Team (SST) to support students who are experiencing personal challenges related to mental health, severe hardship, medical emergencies, loss of a loved one, or other situational factors. We support students’ well-being by offering assistance, guidance, and resources to students and/or the reporting party.

We value your input and we respect the trust you’ve built with students. In the report we will ask you whether you would like to be contacted. We strive to reach out to you first (unless you state that you don’t need to be contacted or if we believe there is an imminent risk to health or safety) so we can discuss with you next steps.

If you do not believe outreach to the student is necessary (e.g., student is already connected to resources or they have shared something from their past), select the “Information only” option. We will consider this in determining next steps. We will reach out to you if requested or if more information is needed.

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) Reporting Form

Behavior Intervention Team Form

The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) acts in a proactive manner to identify, assess, manage, reduce, and educate the campus community as to the risk of potentially harmful or threatening behavior.

Hate/Bias Reporting Form

Hate/Bias Reporting Form

Members of the UWM community who have been subjected to or who have witnessed an incident of hate or bias are encouraged to submit a report. For more information about reporting an incident of hate or bias, contact Equity and Diversity Services (EDS) at (414) 229-5923 or visit them in person at Mitchell Hall, Room 359.

Student Non-Academic Misconduct Reporting Form

Student Conduct (misbehavior, conduct code violations)

Non-academic Misconduct Reporting Form (misbehavior, conduct code violations)

For more information on non-academic misconduct policies and procedures, see Chapter UWS 17.

For information on policies regarding conduct on University lands, see Chapter UWS 18.

Student Academic Integrity Reporting Form

Academic Integrity Reporting Form

For more information on academic misconduct polices and procedures, see Chapter UWS 14.

For information on University-specific policies regarding academic misconduct, see Chapter UWS 14 and UWM Faculty Document 1686.

Comments, Complaints, and Suggestions Form

Comments, Complaints, and Suggestions Form

Students can submit a request for assistance in navigating a complaint or concern. The Dean of Students Office listens to students’ concerns, discusses options, reviews policies, provides guidance, and connects students to appropriate processes. The Dean of Students Office promotes students’ agency and empowerment and works to ensure that students receive fair consideration.  For more information, see Complaints and Concerns.