Report It!

Reporting Incidents and Concerns

For emergencies or imminent threats, contact the UWM Police by calling 9-911 from a campus phone or 414-229-9911 from a cell phone.

Report It is a comprehensive reporting system to facilitate information sharing of concerns about students, incidents of misconduct, inappropriate behaviors, or activities that may pose a risk to the health or safety of students or to the UWM community. Access the appropriate online reporting form from the links below. You may also contact the Dean of Students Office (DOS) at 229-4632 or

Please do not worry about choosing the wrong form, your report will be given to the correct office/person regardless which one you fill out. Each form has different questions to help us gather relevant information.

Sexual Misconduct

  • Sexual Misconduct Report Form (sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and/or stalking)
  • For more information, resources, and support, go to the Title IX at UWM website.
  • State laws require all UWM employees to report any sexual assaults they are made aware of, regardless of the location. Federal laws include additional reporting obligations; for more information please go to the Title IX at UWM website.  Please know that you and any other person identified in the report, might be contacted to provide further information.
  • Note: Information gathered from the Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form will not result in a police investigation. If you want to report a crime to law enforcement, please call UWMPD at 414-229-4627 or stop by the police station at 3410 N. Maryland Ave.

Student Support Team (SST)

  • Student Support Team Report Form
  • The Student Support Team (SST) helps identify students who appear to be in distress and provides supportive intervention and guidance. Contact the SST to seek help for students who experience personal or family challenges that impact the student’s ability to be successful (e.g., suicidal ideation, mental health, severe hardship, loss of a loved one, other situational factors) or that significantly impacts the campus community (e.g. erratic behavior, loss of a campus community member).

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)

Student Conduct (misbehavior, conduct code violations)

Complaints and Concerns

  • Complaint Form
  • Students can submit a request for assistance in navigating a concern, issue, complaint, or grievance.
  • The Dean of Students Office listens to students’ concerns, discusses options, goes over policies, and connects students to appropriate processes. The Dean of Students Office promotes students’ agency and empowerment throughout complaint processes and works to ensure that students receive fair and equitable consideration. For more information, see Complaints and Concerns.