Forms & Publications

Residency Policy Forms

Exemption Request Form (2019-20): Writeable PDF; MS Word

Contracts and Related Forms/Publications

Residence Hall Contracts

Residence Hall Contract Guidebook (2019-20): PDF; MyHousing
Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Form (2019-20): Webform
Minor Contract Signature Page (2019-20): Writeable PDFMS Word

Kenilworth Square Apartments Contracts

Kenilworth Square Apartments Contract Guidebook (2019-20) PDF
Kenilworth Square Apartments Contract Cancellation Form (2019-20): Webform

Special Requests

Bike Locker Request Form: Webform
Emotional Support Animal Request Form: PDF
Housing Accommodation Request Form (priority deadline July 1): PDF
Living Learning Community Request Form: Webform
Mailbox Mass Stuffing Request Form: MS Word
Residence Hall Assignment Change Request: Webform
Summer Housing Contract (2019): PDF
Summer Housing Contract Adjustment Request (2019): PDF

Moving In and Moving Out

Moving In
Early Arrival Form (Fall 2019): Webform
Loft Setup Guide: PDF; Video
Move-In Appointment Adjustment Request Form: Webform

Moving Out
Late Departure Request Form: Webform

Meal Plans

Meal Plan Change Form (2019-20): Webform
Meal Plan Only Contract (2019-20): MS Word

Appeals and Refunds

Behavior Appeal Form: PDF
CVC Refund Request: Webform
Financial Appeal: PDF


Minor Guest Authorization Form: Writeable PDF
Kenilworth Preferred Guest Authorization Form: Webform

Archived Publications

Information May Be Outdated

University Housing Resident Handbook (2018-19): PDF (25MB)
Residence Hall Contract Guidebook (2018-19): PDF
Residence Hall Move-In Guide (Fall 2018): PDF (10MB)
Residence Hall Move-In Guide (Spring 2019): PDF (6MB)

Kenilworth Square Apartments Contract Guidebook (2018-19): PDF
Kenilworth Square Apartments Move-In Guide (Fall 2018): PDF
Kenilworth Square Apartments Move-In Guide (Spring 2019): PDF