University Housing hosts the residential dining plan on behalf of Residential Operations. University Housing Contract holders who have contracted a Restaurant Operations Dining Plan have access to all three Dining Halls, one each in Sandburg Hall, RiverView Hall, and Cambridge Commons, regardless of their building assignment. For information about hours, menus, special dietary needs, or to leave feedback, please visit the Restaurant Operations website.

While operations of dining locations on campus are run by Restaurant Operations, resident Dining Plans are housed within University Housing facilities, providing convenience of use to residential students on a dining plan. Plan pricing information can be found here. To manage Dining Dollars and/or PantherCa$h, visit the PantherCard site.

Residents are also able to use Dining Dollars, PantherCa$h, or a credit card to purchase small convenience foods and items at Restor locations in Cambridge Commons and Sandburg Hall. The Restor is open a bit later than the dining halls and offers frozen and boxed meals for those heading home from a late class.