As the academic year nears the end, we want to prepare you for the steps to move out properly. Here are some important tips and tricks to have a smooth and easy check-out! (Students moving out prior to the end of the spring semester should refer to the Mid-Contract Cancellation page.)

Move-Out Timeline

Cambridge Commons, RiverView, and Sandburg Halls will close at 12 PM on May 18, 2024.
Kenilworth contracts end at 12 PM on May 31, 2024. Please see Kenilworth Square Apartments Move-Out for specific Kenilworth details.

Residents must sign up for a checkout time via using their UWM e-mail address by May 1. All residents will receive an email with sign-up details and link by mid-April.

Quiet Hours: 24-hour quiet hours will be in effect starting May 12th at 10:00pm. In addition, all policies related to behavior expectations and guest visits will still be in place (unless during active Move-Out times). Individuals who violate rules and regulations will still go through the behavior process.

Check-Out Steps

Follow these four steps to have a “proper” check-out:

  1. Sign up for a check-out time with a University Housing staff member using the proper procedure for your location.
  2. Clean your room and suite PRIOR to your Move-Out appointment (follow the checklist below).
  3. Complete your forwarding address information in your PAWS account, empty your mailbox, and pick up your packages.
  4. Show up on time for your check-out appointment with a University Housing staff member.

Failure to do any of the following may result in an improper checkout charge of $75.00:

  • Sign up for a check-out appointment
  • Show up on time for your check-out appointment
  • Check-out with a University Housing staff member


To assist with Move-Out, it’s often easier to start moving items home in smaller loads during the weeks leading up to final exams. On the day you move out, it is best practice to have all of your belongings packed and ready to go before your family and friends come to pick you up. Have everything packed in containers that are easy to stack, and do as much cleaning in advance as you can.

Extra cardboard boxes are available in designated bins in each Residence Hall lobby. Some boxes may be broken down, so you will need packing tape to reassemble them.


Make sure to thoroughly clean your room BEFORE your Move-Out appointment. Please see University Housing postings, or read below, for a suggested cleaning checklist.

There are limited cleaning supplies and vacuums for check out from the Service Desks. These are first-come, first-served. We recommend furnishing your own so you do not have to wait for availability.

Cleaning Checklist
Your room must be in the condition it was in when you checked in. To avoid possible damage or cleaning charges, make sure the following are taken care of:

  • All of your belongings are out of the room (double-check dresser, desk, closet, drawers, bathroom, and behind and under furniture).
  • Desks, dressers, and shelves are dusted and disinfected.
  • Room and suite hallway have been vacuumed and/or swept.
  • Everything has been removed from the walls, doors, and windows, and sticker residue has been removed.
  • All lofts are taken down and loft pieces placed underneath the bed.
  • Housing-provided (loaned) equipment such as bed shakers, doorbells, etc. should be consolidated and left on your mattress.
  • Move furniture as indicated on your checklist and clean all common spaces (as indicated below), even if your roommates and/or suitemates are staying longer than you.
  • All trash cans in the suite and bedrooms have been emptied and washed out.
  • All trash is taken to the designated dumpster outside of your building.
  • Bathroom sink and vanity have been cleaned.
  • Bathroom floor has been swept and mopped.
  • Toilet has been cleaned.
  • Rented Micro-Fridge units have been defrosted, cleaned, and wiped dry. Leave door propped open. (Defrosting your freezer can take up to 24-hours, so start this process early.)

For Cambridge Commons / East Tower:

  • Refrigerators and freezers have been emptied and cleaned out. (No need to defrost.)
  • Microwaves and microwave plates are clean (where present in suites).
  • Stovetop has been wiped clean (where present in suites – DO NOT use SELF-CLEAN option on oven).


  • Residents are permitted as many helpers to assist them with their move-out as they need.
  • Carts will be available in building lobbies and at the bases of all towers throughout Move-Out. Please return them as soon as you are able so others may use them.


  • All metered parking must be paid for. If you do not hold a parking permit, use the ParkMobile app or pay stations for the Sandburg or Cambridge Commons garages; find street parking; or utilize short-term parking in Sandburg Circle Drive, RiverView back-in spaces, or on Cambridge Avenue outside Cambridge Commons.
  • Trailers of any kind are not allowed in any parking structure.
  • Parking-level doors in the Sandburg Hall garage will only be open for limited hours during move-out days.


Donate any unwanted food, clothing, household items, or furniture to the donation bins located in the lobby of each building. (Note: Donations benefit Goodwill and other local non-profits; some donations may be utilized by University Housing to outfit tour spaces.)

Thank you for a great year!
We hope you have a wonderful summer.