Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become more common in the United States and worldwide over the last few years. University Housing takes several precautions to ensure our facilities are free of these pests. Every summer each mattress is inspected for bed bugs (including use a bed bug detecting dog) and we are confident that bed bugs are not present in our buildings prior to our annual August move in.

There is always a chance that bed bugs will find their way into our building by hitching a ride on luggage, clothing, bedding or furniture. If bed bugs are detected in any University Housing room, our staff will respond immediately, and coordinate response with our pest control company. In addition to professional pest control, University Housing has procedures in place to ensure the situation can be controlled and handled. If bed bugs are found in personal furniture, University Housing may require cleaning or disposal of the affected furniture.

If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your room, call your Service Desk immediately.

Building Phone Number
Cambridge Commons Service Desk (414) 935-6900
Kenilworth Square Apartments Service Desk (414) 229-0512
RiverView Residence Hall Service Desk (414) 229-3595
Sandburg Service Desk (414) 229-6123

If you have any questions regarding bed bugs, please contact Beth Lobner, Associate Director of Facilities for University Housing at

Bed Bug Prevention

Check out this resource from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities:

Bed Bug Symptoms

Do you think your room might have bed bugs? Here’s how you can find out.

  • Check the mattress – bed bugs leave blood marks, dark fecal spots, eggs, and egg shell casings in the mattress, particularly on the seams
  • Bites on your body – bed bugs leave small bite marks, usually in a tight lines of multiple bites. They may itch, and look like other insect bites.

If you think there are bed bugs in your room, call your Service Desk immediately.


Bed Bug Treatment

University Housing will:

  • Arrange for treatment from a pest control company
  • Vacuum floor, dispose of bag immediately
  • Provide heavy-duty bags for bedding and clothing
  • Clean and disinfect the entire suite
  • Extract carpeting (when applicable)
  • Replace the mattress
  • Provide a temporary room if needed
  • Schedule follow-up service for all infested rooms for one week after treatment

The resident should:

  • Strip all beds down to the bare sleeping surface (remove mattress pad, sheets and blankets)
  • Place bedding in sealed heavy-duty bags and label for laundering
  • Launder all bedding, separately from other laundered items. University Housing will provide laundry card and detergent for these purposes.
  • Bag and launder all clothing. University Housing will provide laundry card and detergent for these purposes.
  • Remove objects from walls, closets and from under beds
  • Empty nightstands and dressers so they can be treated