Advertising Procedures & Policies

Housing facilities need to be safe and welcoming spaces, as well as provide  opportunities for students to connect with their peers and other resources.  Within all Housing locations, we want to utilize advertising in order to apprise students of as many activities and opportunities as possible, without anyone feeling as if they are living within a giant bulletin board and/or constantly surrounded by signage clutter. To accomplish this, University Housing has the following process and posting expectations for campus and community partners.

All requests to post publicity/advertisements in University Housing facilities are handled by the Outreach & Communications Manager, aided by student Outreach Assistants. Accepted formats are listed under “Location and Format Options” below. Advertising must be pre-approved and will be reviewed in order of submission. The Outreach team will evaluate the suitability of material, decide which venue(s) is appropriate, and reply to the requestor for collaboration.

  • We DO NOT ALLOW for bulk hand-outs to be placed in lobby areas of our buildings (e.g. menus, coupons, specials, etc.)
  • No postings are allowed in University Housing facility common areas (such as bathroom doors, commons hallways, near water fountains, etc), unless specifically stated in the format description.
  • Chalking is NOT ALLOWED (without prior approval) in the Sandburg overhang/circle drive, within 20 feet of any University Housing facility entrance, or outside the Cambridge, Kenilworth, or RiverView vestibules.
  • Posting on residential floors may be approved on an extremely limited basis, due to the amount of RA, Housing student organizations, and Housing events that are posted weekly.

Staff will remove all unapproved materials. Continuous posting of unapproved advertising will result in future inability to advertise in University Housing facilities. It is recommended to submit materials at least 2 weeks prior to the event for which you are requesting.

The requestor is responsible for any cost associated with material preparation for advertisements that are approved to be displayed in University Housing facilities.

Format and Location Options

  • Printed Flyers (8.5″x11″ or smaller) – posted on Community Bulletin Boards (3 locations in Sandburg, 2 locations in Cambridge, and 1 location each in RiverView and Kenilworth) 
  • Social Media Posting – University Housing Instagram and/or Twitter accounts
  • Clings – only approved windows at each location, must provide a minimum of one each for Sandburg, Cambridge AND RiverView
  • Cafeteria Table Tents
Housing Resident Mass Mailbox Distribution

Mass communications distributed to resident student mailboxes will ONLY be accepted from partners within the UWM Campus community. Area community businesses should mail through USPS. Please e-mail questions to

  • Ensure contact information (campus department or recognized student organization) is present on the submitted publication.
  • Publications must pertain to campus activities and campus life information.
  • Mass distribution is limited to one distribution per month from any campus department or recognized student organization.
    (any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Mailroom Coordinator)

Pre-Approval and Authorization

Pre-approval of publications will help ensure timely distribution. All pre-approved publications must be received at least one week in advance of requested distribution date. Mass mailings will be completely distributed within one week of receipt, subject to staff availability.

Mass Mailbox Distribution Submission

Submitted By
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 5 MB.

    Copies of the approved publication must be delivered to each building in the required quantity and must be accompanied by a copy of the authorization email you are sent (from after Housing approval.

    Sandburg Halls: 2,800 copies
    Kenilworth Square: 350 copies
    RiverView: 500 copies
    Cambridge Commons: 750 copies

    University Housing reserves the right to refuse any material submitted for mass mailbox distribution. Offensive language, sexual innuendoes, alcohol-related material, housing advertisements (rooms for rent, roommate wanted, etc.), private party announcements and commercial advertisements will not be permitted. Political party campaigning will be allowed only as specified in the University Housing policy on Political Campaigning outlined in the Resident Handbook.

    Residence Hall Lobby Tabling

    Tabling is permitted for the following uses:

    1. Ticket Sales for Student or University Originated Events
    2. Literature Distribution
    3. Information Only table
    4. Voter Registration

    Tabling reservations must be made by an enrolled student or UWM staff member on behalf of a registered student organization or campus department. Tabling cannot include solicitation or distribution of information related to goods and services, food sales, lectures, presentations, meals, or large-scale or disruptive programming.

    Organizers must check in at the service desk before the start of the tabling reservation. During the entirety of the reservation, the table must be staffed and remain in the designated location. Participants in lobby reservations should stay near (within 4 feet from) the assigned table. Residents should always have the option to walk directly to their room without being approached or solicited.

    UWM Campus Offices are limited to two sets of lobby reservations in each semester. Neither the solicitation nor distribution of information about goods/services will be permitted including off-campus entities. The sale or distribution of food or baked goods is also prohibited.

    **Sandburg Tabling Prerequisite (South Campus Location): In the spirit of providing resources to all students residing in our residence halls, any tabling request for Sandburg will require a preliminary tabling reservation at a south campus building (Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth, or RiverView) before any potential Sandburg event. Failure to make or use a south campus reservation will result in the cancelation of the Sandburg reservation.

    Tabling Locations: Res Hall Lobbies

    • Cambridge Commons – carpeted area in front of the fireplace.
    • RiverView – carpeted area between the pillar and the mailboxes.
    • Sandburg – Commons area near the Security Desk.
    • Kenilworth – area to the east of the Service Desk.

    Security: Due to the residential nature of the facilities, University Housing’s security procedures differ from those in other campus buildings. Anyone who is not a current resident or UWM staff member is prohibited from being in any University Housing facility without guest sponsorship.

    All University Housing Facility Reservation Policies must be followed.

    This form will be submitted to Residential Guest Services. All reservations are considered tentative until the requester has received an email confirmation. Reservation requests are processed within 2-3 business days. Once approved, an email confirmation will be sent. Individuals with questions may contact University Housing via phone at (414) 229-6589 or email at

    Submission for Approval

    Unless a different submittal process is required above, any organization*, office or department that wishes to advertise in University Housing should submit requests, including a digital copy of any materials, to Molly Schreiber at, or call 414-229-6552 with any questions.
    * Campus partners/organizations are given priority over corporate/off-campus entities if space/time is limited.