Lactation Rooms

UWM’s “Lactation Program” is intended to provide lactating, nursing mothers with educational and environmental support of their breastfeeding goals. The word “lactation” is used to clarify and avoid the implication that the mothers would need to have their babies at work to nurse them, rather, the program is designed to help nursing mothers to be able to pump and store their breast milk, at work, to take home to their infants at the end of the workday.

For nursing mothers, lactating requires a clean and comfortable environment with privacy. UWM has established several private rooms on campus that have been designated for nursing mothers.

University Housing lactation rooms are located in Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth Square Apartments, RiverView Residence Hall, and Sandburg Hall*.

All rooms have the following features: electrical outlets, a comfortable chair, a small fridge, a lockable door, and nearby running water.

To request use of a lactation room on a short-term or drop-in basis, please go to the service desk in Sandburg to request access by a member of our security staff. If the request is for a long-term purpose, please contact the Administrative Assistant to the Director at Please provide 2-3 business days’ notice if possible. Individuals with long-term requests will be provided with access to a key for that space.

For a list of other lactation rooms on-campus, please visit

* Only Sandburg Hall has a room designated as a permanent lactation room. The other buildings have multi-purpose rooms that may quickly be converted to accommodate residents, guests, and staff members who may need to use them.